Pros and Cons: Multivitamin Minerals Tablets


Vitamins and minerals are essential for the human body to develop, and function properly. Multivitamin minerals tablet is an effective and safe combination of essential minerals and vitamins to stay fit and healthy. Men and women who are unable to consume an adequate amount of essential nutrients from their daily healthy diet need to fulfill their requirements through supplements like multivitamins. Multivitamin minerals tablets contain vitamin A and vitamin D; the two essential vitamins that are essential for retaining the bone density, calcium absorption and body immunity.

Most Important Nutrients for Men and Women

Minerals and vitamins are essential nutrients the body needs in small amounts to work properly.

  • The presence of Vitamin A in multivitamin-mineral supplements aid in boosting the immune system. Vitamin A is outstanding for good vision and the cell growth.
  • Since B vitamins are required for formulation of RBCs (red blood cells), their deficiency is linked to fatigue and overall weakness. The presence of B vitamins in the multivitamin minerals supplements help prevent blood vessels from becoming blocked and slow developmental process of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
  • The presence of antioxidants in multivitamin-mineral tablets aid in preventing the heart disease, other illnesses and fights against aging.
  • Vitamin D from a multivitamin-mineral supplement can reduce the risk of colon and many other cancers, as well as various other chronic diseases.
  • The presence of minerals helps to maintain the fluid balance, and they provide the body protection from acute and chronic diseases.

Positive effects of taking Multivitamin Minerals Supplements

People consume multivitamin minerals supplements for various reasons. Here we have jotted down a few common reasons.

Pros and Cons: Multivitamin Minerals Tablets

Increase Nutrient Intakes

Taking multivitamin minerals supplements can raise the chances of getting too much of some nutrients, like vitamin A, iron, niacin, zinc, and folic acid, especially when an individual uses more than a basic, once-regular product. Some men and women consume multivitamin mineral tablets as a form of nutritional or dietary “insurance.” Ironically, men and women who consume multivitamin mineral tablets tend to consume more vitamins and minerals from food than those who don’t.

Beneficial for Women

The folic acid in multivitamin-mineral tablets immensely helps prevent neural tube defects in the newborns, if women take it regularly before they become pregnant; folic acid can also lower the risk of colon cancer, heart disease, and breast cancer.

Chronic Disease Prevention

Beta carotenes in multivitamin-mineral tablets immensely help to prevent the night blindness and various other eye problems and effectively protect against toxins and cancer formations. It has been proved that men and women who take multivitamin and minerals supplements have a lower chance of getting diabetes.

Negative effects of taking Multivitamin Minerals Supplements

Get immediate medical help if one has any of these signs of an allergic reaction: difficulty breathing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat. There are some side effects of taking multivitamin-minerals tablets. Here we have noted down a few common side effects.

Health Problem

Minerals can cause side effects like increased urination, tooth staining, uneven heart rate, stomach bleeding, confusion, and muscle weakness or limp feeling.

Difficulty in the Absorption of Other Minerals

Do not take multivitamin minerals tablets with milk, other dairy products, calcium supplements, or antacids that contain calcium. Calcium can make it harder for the body to absorb certain minerals.

Reaction with Salt

Avoid the regular use of salt substitutes in your healthy diet if the multivitamin minerals supplements contain potassium. If you are on a strict low-salt diet, ask the doctor before taking a multivitamin minerals supplement. A regular multivitamin minerals tablet is an inexpensive nutrition insurance policy. Try to consume one every day and don’t forget to share your multivitamin-mineral supplements experience with us.