Prevent Midlife Weight Gain

Prevent Midlife Weight Gain


In your 20s, you may feel fit and fine, but as you grow older, you may experience weight gain. Most people are in shape till their late 20s, but as they reach their 30s they experience problems like loss of stamina, weight gain, and low energy.

Putting on around 5 to 10 kgs in the late 30s and early 40s is a common problem. Most men and women experience this and find it frustrating. Though this weight gain problem is usually because of the hormonal changes in the body, there are certain poor lifestyle choices that worsen the condition.

As you grow older, your calorie needs decrease. More calories are required when you are in your 20s, but the requirement goes down by 2-4% every 10 years. Though the need for the calorie decreases, you may not alter your diet that leads to excess weight gain. Also, our physical activities decrease as we grow older.

As a woman approaches menopause, her ovaries produce less estrogen. This affects the physiological factors like mood, blood cholesterol, and bone mineral density. Also, studies show that the estrogen starts producing in the fat cells, thus adding flab to the tummy area.

As a man ages his levels of testosterone drops thus causing a drop in his muscle mass and strength. Muscle loss causes weight gain too.

To control your weight or maintain it, you can make certain lifestyle changes and avoid midlife weight gain problem.

The first thing that can help you control your weight is a healthy diet. It is advisable to smartly choose the food and also restrict its quantity. You should decrease the intake of white flour and processed food. It is good to eat more of vegetables, salads, dry fruits, and fruits. The intake of fiber should be increased too.

The second best thing that you can do to control your weight is stay away from stress. If you have a habit of eating a chocolate cake or an ice cream or any high-calorie food after a stressful day at office, then you need to change this. You have to try not to be dependent on food to comfort yourself in stressful conditions. Stress not only makes you eat more but also increases the level of Cortisol hormone in your body. This hormone is the reason your body conserves fat easily.

The third best thing that you can do to avoid weight gain is exercise regularly. You can hit the gym, go for power yoga, opt for zumba, or just go for a 45 minutes walk in a park near your home. Also, it is important to change your workout after every few days as your body may get used to it and not respond mush. You can consider cycling, swimming, and aerobics too.

The above-given tips will surely help you prevent the midlife weight gain. Apart from these, you can opt for weight loss pills. You can buy weight loss pills after consulting your doctor. A commonly used pill for this purpose it Xenical. You can buy Obelit online or from a drug store with your doctors consent.