One Glass Of Red Wine Equals One Hour At Gym


New research from the Canadian University of Alberta may provide helpful insight for people who need to be more physically active but that have difficulty doing so. The studies done at this university indicate that one glass of red wine has similar physiological effects as an hour at the gym. While this may seem surprising or even unbelievable, there is a lot of science that backs this assertion up.

You did read that right. Of the many joint pain facts we know is that physical activity can amplify the symptoms associated with this condition. People who suffer from common types of arthritis also know that physical activity can be difficult, if not impossible. This is why these findings are so compelling. Studies like this show how people with limited mobility and other ailments can still reap the benefits of exercise and physical activity without putting themselves at risk for injury.

Findings such as these are bringing a lot of hope to those who would like to be more active and lose weight, but for any number of reasons cannot. A glass of red wine a couple times a week, in conjunction with a weight loss product like BioSlim can make a huge difference. Products like BioSlim are clinically designed to work with the body’s natural functioning as a means to boost metabolism and help you lose weight. Being overweight not only has its own set of problems, it can amplify the effects of other health problems as well.

It is well enough to say that red wine and the gym can be interchangeable, but what is the actual evidence to support this theory?

The research indicates that a substance found in red wine, called resveratrol has been shown to improve heart function, physical ability, and even improved muscle strength. This means that after a glass of red wine, many of your bodies functions respond in the same way they would after an hour of physical activity. This means that people who are physically unable to workout, or for those who can only do minimal activity can enhance the benefits they see from their efforts.

Wine is not the only way to incorporate resveratrol into your diet. Red grapes, dark chocolate, blueberries, and more, also contain this substance and are perfectly suitable alternatives to vino. Eating whole fruits as opposed to drinking wine also give the added benefit of fiber and other flavinoids. These powerful antioxidants are shown to help eliminate so-called free radicals from the body. Dark chocolate too has a number of positive health benefits.

Many people, for a variety of reasons, want or need to partake in more physical activity it find themselves unable to. This does not mean that there is no way for these individuals to see the benefits associated with physical activity without putting themselves at risk. Exciting new research from the University of Alberta shows a strong connection between a compound found in red wine and the physiological response our bodies have from working out.

It appears that a glass of red wine has roughly the same physical effects on the body as an hour at the gym. This might seem like wishful thinking by wine enthusiasts, but a lot of evidence supports this claim. We have long known about the varied benefits of a moderate intake of red wine, but it looks like it has even more benefits. It’s easy to add this healthful repast to your efforts to improve your wellbeing, but it should be noted that more is not better where this is concerned. More wine does not mean more benefits. It should be enjoyed in moderation.