Okna 700 Series Casement Windows In CT, New-Age Windows For A Modern Home


When you think of windows that are elegant, easy to use and convenient; there is nothing better than casement windows. They improve the appearance of your home and brilliantly chic due to a clean design. They enhance the ventilation and natural light in the room, and you need not spend extra on electricity bill. Okna 700 Series Casement Windows in CT is the best with the paramount quality and eye-catching design. You can select from a wide spectrum of choices available from low-cost normal windows to highly sophisticated and elegant premium ones.

Why do People Prefer Casement Windows?

All Okna 700 Series Casement Windows in CT offer wide glass surface areas so that you enjoy natural breeze and bright sunlight in the room. There are a few distinct benefits:

  • Air flow: Sliding or double-hung windows obstruct natural air flow due to their design. Since Casement Windows open outward, they catch the passing breeze more efficiently and effectively. Also, they offer full area for ventilation. Hung windows or sliding windows offer half (or sometimes less than half) of the area.
  • Safety: These windows are safe from burglary or theft. Since keepers and locks are embedded in the design, it is practically impossible to break them without breaking the glass. Hence, they are ideal for independent homes or bungalows where you have windows at ground floor.
  • Excellent view: With an unhindered view, they connect you with the outside world in the best manner.
  • Smooth functionality: These windows are easy to operate. Hence, they are good for places that are difficult to reach. People prefer them for sinks and counter tops, or above cabinets.
  • Energy efficiency: It is a fact, that Okna 700 Series Casement Windows in CT is the most energy efficient because of low infiltration rate. It is also the most air-tight window and ideal for rooms where you have air-conditioner in place. A lot of saving on energy bill can be achieved by installing these windows.
  • Sleek and beautiful: These windows have fully welded frames for great strength. Multi-chamber rigid vinyl profile makes them totally maintenance free. You can clean them properly because they open at full 90 degrees. The windows offer total protection from air, dust, and water with triple weather-stripping shield.
  • Folding crank handles: These windows have specially designed folding cranks that don’t interfere with standard size draperies and blinds.

Install New-age Windows to give your Home Smart Look

When you install Okna 700 Series Casement Windows in CT, a long-lasting service is guaranteed. It is the new-age solution for every smart home. It is easy to install and easy to operate. The high-performance corrosion-resistant windows bring good value for money. Unique multi-point locking system fits the sash tightly with the frame. Weather-tight seal keeps it safe from extreme weather conditions, including condensation. Full-size fiberglass mesh screen takes care of your privacy. Easy installation and smooth operation are the two distinguishing characteristics of these windows. Modern homes need these elegant casement windows.