New Year, New Home: 10 Home Improvement Ideas for 2020


It’s a new year, and if you want to supercharge your home’s curb appeal, that means it’s time to head to the hardware store. What can you do to enhance your property’s value? It begins by taking a look at your starting point. 

Take a walk around your property and inspect it. Identify any areas that look shabby or that create discomfort — think drafty windows. Then, use the home improvement tips below to transform your castle into the showplace of your dreams. 

1. Retrofit Your Door 

Think about it — how many times daily do you go in and out of your front door? Over time, your entryway sees considerable abuse and can become loose, allowing heat and AC to escape. 

You might get by with upgrading your weather stripping and wiping away any fingerprints. Add a festive wreath to welcome your guests, and consider upgrading your door’s hardware. If your entrance has developed severe gaps, you can install a new one as a DIY project. If you’re looking to sell, your front door is the first thing buyers see — make it count.

2. Upgrade Your Windows 

When you sit by your living area window, do you start to sweat or shiver? If so, you may as well take a handful of cash and toss it outside each month when you pay your utility bill. New windows can slash your energy bills by as much as 35% —  making them well worth the investment. While you’re at it, get rid of those heavy curtains and let natural light shine into your abode. 

3. Redo Your Roof

You should inspect your roof annually and hire a professional company every three to five years. This way, you can fix minor leaks before they cause extensive damage to your home’s interior. Upgrading to tile or metal makes your investment last longer and adds aesthetic appeal. 

4. Extend Your Porch

Homebuyers love to envision themselves sipping lemonade on a sweeping veranda — or at least enjoying outdoor living areas. If you have a porch or a deck, consider enclosing a portion of it so you can enjoy outdoor dining without flying insects. If you only have a small concrete slab, extend it into a proper porch where you can relax in a rocking chair. 

5. Give It a Fresh Coat 

You can finish many painting projects in a single weekend, so why are you still staring at boring white walls? If you don’t want to paint your home’s entire exterior, touch up your shutters to eliminate that haunted house look. Are you not in the mood to tape off a complete room? Add an accent wall for visual appeal. 

6. Renovate Your Garage

Today’s buyers covet garage storage space, so head to your department store for bins and shelving. Pegboard offers the perfect place to hang lawn tools and other equipment. A rolling cart with drawers holds small objects like nails and screws. 

7. Redo Your Landscaping 

If bushes obscure your windows, thieves have the perfect hiding place for break-ins. Get out the trimmer and give everything a touch-up. When it gets warmer, add some festive flowers for a touch of brilliant color.  You can get DIY ideas for landscaping online!

8. Update Your Appliances 

Engineers today design appliances with higher energy efficiency due to the ENERGY STAR rating system. If you’re still using a dishwasher from 1989, you’re throwing money away. Yes, you’ll incur an upfront cost when you upgrade, but you’ll recover much of what you spend in lower utility bills. 

9. Spiff up Your Cabinets 

Did you know that you can paint your cabinets instead of replacing them? This method offers a cost-effective way to renovate your kitchen. Adding new hardware can further enhance the elegance.

10. Replace Your Carpets 

Over time, your carpets collect pet dander and bacteria from shoes. Plus, if you have a loved one in a wheelchair, this surface isn’t handicapped-accessible. Replace musty rugs with hardwood or laminate flooring. Both offer less slickness and more cushion than tile, but walkers and other aids slide seamlessly over the surface. Plus, they’re super easy to keep clean — no more lugging heavy shampooers.

Boost Your Property Value With These Top 10 Home Improvements 

Whether you want to sell your home or merely enhance your property value, look to these tips. With a little bit of effort, you’ll smile every time you pull into your driveway.