Moving House? How To Make The Job Easier!


Moving house is always going to be stressful to some extent. You have to rely on so many different people to make it happen, there is always going to be some hold-ups or hassle along the way. So, what sort of things can you do to try and eliminate some of the inconveniences?

One of the most important things is talk to people. Keep phoning or emailing your estate agent and solicitor so you know how things are progressing. They sometimes tend to let things tick along without giving you the feedback you require, so keep on at them. You are paying them for their services so you are entitled to regular updates on the sale or purchase.

Have a really good sort through your possessions. If you are paying a removal company to transport your belongings to your new home, do you really want to pay for transporting rubbish or unwanted items as well? This is particularly important if they are also doing the packing for you as well.

If you’ve sorted your contents into things you want to keep and things to get rid of, you’ve most likely come across items you don’t really need at the moment but cant bear to throw out. Why not put them into temporary storage by renting a self storage unit for a few weeks until you are in your new property? Self storage facilities such as those offered by The Self Storage Warehouse in Preston can be life savers at times like these. They can give you that extra space you need so you can get on with sorting other things out and for just a few weeks it can be money well spent. Your possessions will be safe and secure and you’ll be able to access them whenever you need to. Units can be rented on a short term basis so when you need your items back, just give the relevant amount of notice and move them into your new home when it’s convenient.


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