Military : Strategy Of Recycling

Military : Strategy Of  Recycling


Recycling is a procedure in which waste material gets converted into new product to avoid consumption of fresh material and eventually reduces the usage of energy, air pollution, and water pollution. This further reduces the emission of greenhouse gas emissions and hence saves our planet from environmental effect.

During War Time

During World War II, there was huge financial and significant material loss due to war constraint. Hence, there was huge shortage of resources and it was made necessary to recycle the existing good material. During war, most of the natural resources get accomplished and leave very little for the civilian population. So, at that time it was necessary to recycle waste at home and this further allows people to use what was available. Recycling would cause availability of resources and have fair chance of victory.

In year 1970, there is rise in energy cost but production was low. The glass, paper reduces significant amount of energy when recycling is done.

Military base on land or at sea faces major issue related to food disposal. There is a major amount of food waste which is thrown in waste bin. If large quantity of food is dumped then it would emit methane gas and attracts pests. At sea, the problem is what to do with the leftover food until it reaches at port. There would be definitely odors and sanitation issue in between ports.

Idea of Recycling

The idea of recycling switches to energy efficient bulbs in the building is a very small thing which you can do at home. There is a lot of creative thinking which gets involved when you try to reuse the existing material. The basic way in which recycling is done is to go to store for Military clothing or footwear. There are ample stores which offer variety of surplus clothes, available in-store from each and every branch of military.

There are various recyclable material such as glass, paper, plastic and electronics. The biodegradable waste can be recycled in such a manner that all the material is collected from center or from roadside and then reprocessed to manufacture new material.

Sometimes, people wear Halloween clothes, coats or footwear which has not worn for years and make it as fashion mantra. This is a great way to recycle existing material without using the new one.