Men: Fitness and Food Consumption


Fitness and food consumption go together when men pursue fitness. You may have the best exercise regimen in place, but it will not yield the intended results if your diet is not in line. Indeed, those workouts will be of none effect if your diet is unbalanced and wanting. To that end we will look at what workouts and foods you should pursue in your overall fitness scheme.

1. Choose varying exercise activities. A variety of exercise routines can benefit your body and mind. Certainly, pursue those activities of interest to you, but mix up your cardio workout to incorporate different types of regimens. Motivation is the key factor here — if you maintain the same routine, you may get bored and quit. Moreover, you need to challenge your body to accept a variety of routines whether that be kick boxing, swimming, running or strength training.

2. Don’t go it alone. Some men prefer to exercise by themselves. You may be disciplined to follow through with it, but you may miss the challenge of exercising with someone else. With an exercise buddy present, you can encourage each other. Further, if you feel like quitting, he can encourage you to continue and vice versa. Make it a friendly competition and you will both benefit explains Fitness 19.

3. Choose your foods carefully. To date, you may not have paid much attention to what you have eaten. Well, that has to change! If you rely on your spouse or girlfriend to shop, you need to get in the mix too. It is important that you visit the supermarket, choose a variety of foods to consume, and read the labels. Fresh is best and processed is out — you need to ensure that you get the required essential nutrients on a daily basis. Food labels can explain what you need and which foods to avoid, including anything with a high sodium content, saturated fat and sugar.

4. Make it yourself. You cannot rely exclusively on store bought foods to aid you in your fitness regimen. Packaged food is not usually healthy. Instead, learn how to prepare foods yourself or ask the one you love to assist you. Become a student of healthy eating and you will learn which oils are best, how to avoid salt and when to bake or steam your food instead of frying. Your caloric count isn’t so much the challenge here, but what types of food make up that count and how they are prepared. Familiarize yourself with Harvard’s healthy eating plate to find foods that are right for you.

5. Strength training matters. What good is exercise apart from strength training? You need to work those muscles by incorporating routines that can help build them up. You cannot always get to the gym or lift weights. Push ups, sit ups, squats and lunges can help build muscle mass, something you can do in your home or in a hotel room.

6. Work with a nutritionist. Ah, diets! Even the best planning done by us can fall short. We cannot always choose the right foods. Further, some men have health issues that must be addressed. Working with a nutritionist or a dietitian can ensure that you have the right balance of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy protein and whole grains. Moreover, if there is an underlying health issue that must be addressed, your physician and diet professional can assist you.

Keep At It!

Your fitness routine is just that — a routine. To get the most out of it, mix it up. And, never quit because fitness is not just a destination, but a never ending, but beneficial journey.