Difference Between Modular Island and Gallery kitchen

Difference Between Modular Island and Gallery kitchen


Modular kitchens are an artful creation in the sense that they have completely revolutionized the way cooking is done. There are two popular styles of modular kitchens – modular island kitchens and gallery kitchens.

If we look at the modular island kitchens, these are extremely unique in stylish. A kitchen that is shaped like an island would basically comprise of a tabletop in the center. This tabletop would usually come equipped with various appliances and utilities such as base cabinet, wall cabinet, hobs, chimney, sinks, and kitchen baskets. Also, home owners in India can choose from a variety of difference materials like granite, glass, marble or even metal to create their island kitchens.

On the other end of the spectrum are the modular gallery kitchens. Home kitchens in India can also be shaped as galleries wherein the typical feature is to have two cabinet lines running parallel to another another, separated only by a central aisle and exhibiting a U-shaped turn at one end. Gallery modular kitchens have been created to promote the most ideal working conditions wherein the cooks have the advantage of minimal movement while cooking. These kitchens have little space to offer and this is why these spaces work best with one chef at a time.

Here are a few more differences between modular island kitchens and gallery kitchens.

1. For maximum space efficiency, you can do a lot with both these kitchen styles. A kitchen island can solve many of your space problems by allowing you the options of additional drawers, cabinets, and pull put shelves. Also, you can utilize under the kitchen island space as it allows for a lot of accessibility. And it does not at all interfere with the area dedicated for your cooking preparation.

The gallery kitchen, on the other hand, with its parallel counters makes available a neat and clean kitchen space. While remodeling or designing a new kitchen space, all you have to bear in mind are three things – aisle space, storage and light. Light coloured cabinetry, open shelves and large windows can further make your kitchen look more open and well ventilated.

Difference Between Modular Island and Gallery kitchen
2. With the modular island kitchens in India, you can have additional refrigerator drawers, preparation sinks, and cooking area. This way your kitchen will look more purposeful and functional. You can also add a range hood above your grill and stove and make your island a great place for entertaining guests.

With gallery kitchens, you can achieve practical solutions by having your spices and dishware on display. You can even put narrow pull-out mesh baskets next to your cooking range to utilize that extra available space.

Difference Between Modular Island and Gallery kitchen
Irrespective of what kitchen styles you choose, there is a lot you can achieve with either of these two styles. You can achieve highly organized spaces with both these styles. Good luck with your remodeling or design project!

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