Make 2017 The Year You Get Healthier Than Ever


For many people, optimal wellness is just an abstract dream. The idea of feeling great and looking good crosses their mind, but they don’t really think that they can attain the level of health necessary to achieve the desired goal. However, it’s important to note that there are hundreds of relatively simple tips you can use to abandon average health and start attaining amazing results that involve things like high energy levels, a positive mood throughout the day, and seemingly effortless weight loss or weight management. Read on to gain more ideas and insights that will promote optimal well-being:

1. Examine And Abandon The Modern American Diet (MAD) Diet.

One great way to make 2017 your year of amazing health is by carefully examining and then abandoning the MAD diet. This diet is lackluster for numerous reasons, and you should seek to understand why it is substandard before examining your other eating options. One of the biggest problems with the MAD diet is that it contains too many high fat animal products, particularly meat and dairy. Another issue with the diet is that it does not contain adequate amounts of fiber. This issue is particularly problematic given the fact that fiber is known to decrease the incidence of constipation while also facilitating weight management by making people feel fuller faster.

Once you recognize the multiple inefficacies of the MAD diet, you’re ready to move forward with the implementation of a food plan that involves a wide range of nutritious, delicious options. One book you can use as your road map to optimal food consumption is Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s <i>Eat To Live</i>. In addition to providing readers with a wide range of personal narratives, informational charts, and statistics, Dr. Fuhrman has included a meal plan chock full of plant-based recipes that can help reverse disease and facilitate weight loss.

2. Pursue Your Vocational Dreams.

Although many people do not consider their careers and level of health as linked, this is definitely the case. First of all, studies now indicate that roughly 7 out of 10 people do not like their job. Profound, ongoing dissatisfaction with one’s job can lead to a wide range of negative health outcomes. Some of them include lethargy and depression. For these reasons and more, you want to do all that you can to pursue your vocational dreams. People who love their jobs are typically happier, and this happiness translates to higher levels of mental health. If you’re seeking a liquor license Dallas TX residents can rely on to jumpstart a career in the bartending sector, the professionals of Texas Alcohol Consulting can assist you.

Live The Life You’ve Imagined!

If great health and happiness are two of your goals, it’s important to start pursuing wellness with vim right now. Use this outline for practical guidance that will keep you moving in the right direction so you can live the amazing life you’ve imagined!