Leo Privacy Guard Leo Master Presents The Ultimate Phone Privacy Solution

Leo Privacy Guard: Leo Master Presents The Ultimate Phone Privacy Solution


Phone privacy is one of the most sensitive issues that modern technology has spawned. The fact that phones have become a way of contemporary life makes matters worse because of the copious amount of data you store on these gadgets.

From videos to SMS messages, there is no denying that a privacy breach can be indeed devastating. Many relationships have broken up while personal details have been stolen from email accounts when these devices are lost. Leo Privacy Guard is an Android privacy app that helps to mitigate these dangers by keeping your content locked.

Leo Privacy Guard in Details

This is a privacy protection product by LEOMASTER a leading mobile app developer. It is an app that offers incremental security depending on your particular privacy needs. In essence, it provides a tailor made approach in enhancing privacy considering everyone has unique privacy needs. The app is primed to keep your messages, videos, photos, apps, and even call log away from snoopers who might use such information to your detriment.

The Beauty of Leo Privacy Guard

Leo Privacy Guard 2.0 has been creating a buzz online since its launch for a number of reasons. For starters, users can download it for free from Google Play and immediately get down to customizing it. But there is more than the cost; the interface is easy to use as you just need to click on any app you want to lock and voila! No snooper will be able to download, uninstall or use it for any other function.

The same goes for your messages, pictures, videos and call logs. This versatile nature of the app is seen as its main underpinning as you are assured of all-round privacy in your device. The stunning and intuitive design also has to get a mention in any Leo Privacy Guard review.

LEOMASTER has spiced this app by integrating some fun through the tricky app covers that encourage another user to try and open an app only to get disappointed when they realize it is all a ploy and in fact the app is locked. The battery usage and data plan feature come in handy considering smartphones gobble lots of power. They make it possible to monitor your power usage to avoid running down on charge.

Well, you have to give it to the developers when it comes to providing multiple fantastic themes to decorate your app lock. It is true you are looking for privacy but your sleek gadget’s screen should not look like a garrison door. These scintillating themes will still keep eyes glued to your gadget but you will be at peace knowing no one can make it inside.

Banking on Experience

LEO MASTER has over the years developed some of the most outstanding apps and themes in the market. Leo Privacy Guard benefits from this rich heritage and it is no wonder then it is being used to protect billions of phones online. By offering regular updates, you can bet your privacy app will always be primed to give you more peace of mind. Why take chances?


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