Know Your Boiler To Take Good Care Of It

Know Your Boiler To Take Good Care Of It


A boiler is very important equipment for many industries and without a properly working boiler, these industries cannot run smoothly. These industries include textile industries, sugar factories, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing companies, alcohol breweries, etc. They use the high amount of heat and pressure created by the boiler for various different processes. A boiler is not a single machine, but it is a system that contains various different smaller machines working in a much synchronized manner.

It is important to take good care of your boiler, if you want it to serve you for long time. As a boiler is very expensive, you cannot afford to replace it on frequent basis. In order to take care of your boiler, you also need to understand what are the various components of your boiler and what do they do.?

Boiler Tubes

The boiler tubes are responsible for transfer of heat within the boiler, and they contain the heat carrying fluid like water or air, which carries heat from one point of boiler to another. The tubes of the boilers must be cleaned regularly so that the passage of the heat carrying fluid remains clear and the boiler keeps working at its full efficiency. The cleaning of tubes can be done using chemicals and cleaning solutions, and you can also use tube cleaners to clean the tubes. There are also portable pneumatic tube cleaners, which make the task of tubes cleaning easy and handy and you can take them wherever you want.

Water Feed Pump

The water level of a boiler is a crucial factor, which must not be ignored at any cost. If the boiler keeps operating after the water level goes down than the safe limit, it may produce cracks in the boiler shell and boiler tubes. You must keep an extra water feed pump for boiler so that it could be replaced in case of a break down.

Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan of the boiler is responsible for sucking the smoke and heat out of the boiler. If the exhaust fan is not working, then it would not be able to extract the heat and the boiler would not able to work. Additionally, it would not be able to send smoke high, which will be dangerous for the life of people working near the boiler. Make sure that you choose an exhaust fan of proper capacity so that it could work properly for your boiler.

Boiler Accessories

A boiler must not be operated without it essential accessories such as safety valves, water level indicators, pressure gauge, temperature gauge etc. Operating a boiler without these accessories can put both the equipment and the life of people working on it in danger.

At last, you must make sure that the person operating your boiler is a well qualified and well equipped man who knows how to run a boiler on its full capacity and efficiency without causing any damage to the equipment.

Author’s Bio: The author is a mechanical engineer and a freelance writer working for Here his job is to make people understand the importance of boiler and how to take care of it.


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