Know Unintentional Causes And Symptoms Of Weight Gain And Obesity

Know Unintentional Causes And Symptoms Of Weight Gain And Obesity


Do your family and friends now consider you as obese? Are you starting to lose hope in losing your weight? Is there anything in your lifestyle or daily activities that cause you weight gain unconsciously? Well, this is the perfect time to answer it!

Gaining weight isn’t just about overconsumption of foods in your body. There are a lot more to know about why that needle in your weighing scale doesn’t seem to stop running to the right and refuse to go left. Hormonal imbalance down to the least thing you could think of can become a culprit in making your body obese.

Maybe you’re thinking that you can’t do anything about it since this are the things we can’t control in our body. Wrong! You can change all of this and you have to start doing it. I have given a few of these unintentional causes of weight gain and discussed how you can avoid the symptoms of it.

1. Depression.

In the drug market, a huge amount of anti-depressant drugs includes weight gain as one of its side effects. This side effect may not happen at a fast pace, but the pounds that you have accumulated once in a while can do a huge difference. Therefore, being on a depression treatment can unintentionally be one of the causes of weight gain.

However, if for any case that you are not taking in any pills or medication but still suffering from depression, your body tends to choose more sugary and high-calorie food as your comfort meal which is the usual symptom of depression.
To solve this, you may consult your doctor for another form of treatment rather than take anti-depressants and seek for a support group to increase social support and prevents you from those unnecessary calories.

2. Low Metabolism

Having low metabolism means your digestive system takes too long to break down foods which result to slower bowel movement which can be accounted for that extra pounds on your weighing scale. This is where you eat more than you shed. People tend to consume food from time to time, but with a lower metabolism, the foods will just stock up without being digested by the body properly.

If you think constipation is the only issue, then drinking some probiotics can do the job. Moreover, increasing your fiber and adequate water intake can also do the trick.

3. Lack Of Nutrients

Many of us think that eating less can help us lose weight but there are times when it will do otherwise. Decreasing your food consumption means your body receives less nutrition that it needs. Lack of magnesium, iron and vitamin D in your diet can all contribute to causes of weight gain. For prevention, incorporate some red meat and spinach into your meal to boost that magnesium as well as the iron levels of your body. For vitamin D deficiencies, sunlight and milk will be your best friend.

4. Aging

As you get older, your metabolism gets slower. The reality is that, as we add another year to our lives, we decrease the number of calories our body can burn. If you are used to burning 40 to 50 calories in your younger years just by sitting, then it will just be 20 calories burnt after some years or so. Aging can’t be avoided but you can avoid slow metabolism with a good intense daily workout. Sweat all your fats away as it also promotes better blood circulation for a younger, more glowing beautiful you.

5. Fluid Retention

Not all of your body weight is counted as foods and body organs. Some, or most of the time, it is water. Although water can also help in weight loss and body hydration, too much of it stuck in our body can also do harm than good. This edema condition or the retention of fluid in our body can be one of the causes of weight gain. Swollen body parts due to water are very common especially to those who stand for a long period of time. Know the certain amount of water your body needs to avoid excessive water to store in your body and to lessen your trip to the bathroom to urinate.

In the end, unintentional weight gain may indicate something serious going in your body. Serious health conditions, like kidney failure or heart failure, are just ones of the few that you might want to discuss with your doctor from the first sign of weight gain without any possible lifestyle causes. Start your treatments accordingly. Lastly, don’t forget to stay fit to stay happy.