How Wrong Food Is The Cause Of All Disease


If you have a health condition, whether it is minor or significant, all that the media or doctors tell you to “take this drug or prescription,” “The medicine, for instance, prevents the effects.” A drug to help you feel better again. But the question does not reappear if you stop to take them? And it gets even worse each time it reappears than it first. It is because SUPPRESS drugs, not CURE. The root of the question is not gone. Here are some health tips that can help you to stay fit and live healthy.

Can your food habits cause disease?

Yeah, it will, of course, answer this question. As we have seen before, malnutrition can lead to severe diseases for no other cause than the body that does not carry out its biological functions with the nutrient it needs. Your diet also allows the body to battle invaders, including viruses, bacteria, and other parasites, and to solve its malfunctions. Furthermore, the diet will affect your health in little accumulated terms over time. Heart disease development can, for example, be related to dietary patterns during life. Additional conditions are positively affected by food, but not explicitly caused by diet alone.

  • The medicine, for instance, prevents the effects. A drug to help you feel better again. If we do not obtain the correct details, we will suffer from our metabolic processes and decline in health.
  • We can become over-weight, under-nourished, and at risk of developing diseases and conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease if we get too much food, which gives the wrong directions to our bodies.
  • Briefly, what we eat is essential for our wellbeing. Consider this in light of the concept of medicine by Webster: “Science and art dealing with maintaining health and the prevention, alleviation or cure of diseases.”
  • Nutrients provide our bodies with feedback on how they function. In other words. Food is, therefore, a source of’ knowledge’ for the body. In this context.
  • Thinking this way about food gives one a perspective on nutrition that goes beyond calories or grams, food, or fruit. The approach leads one to focus on foods, rather than foods, which we can remove.

We see food as a way to build health, minimize illness, and help the bodywork instead of seeing food as the enemy.

Is food medicine?

Two ways of defining word medicine are available. The research, diagnosis, and treatment of illness is one type of medicine. The second is that drugs are a substance or preparation used to cure or prevent disease, in particular medications or drugs that are administered in the mouth. Of all those who say “food is medicine” correctly apply to this second definition. This is consistent with saying that when this term is taken into account’ food is narcotics.’ 


Food is not medicinal goods because it is not expressly used for disease control or prevention. The organic fuel or compounds required for the biological functioning of the body are instead supplied. This is an example of “begging the question” as all diseases are caused by diet, and diet will cure or avoid all illnesses not demonstrated.