How to Send Luggage Cheaper Than Airlines?

How to Send Luggage Cheaper Than Airlines?


We are accustomed to transporting large or massive cargo by plane, but although this mode of transportation is fast, it is extremely expensive. In this article, we will discuss cheaper modes of transportation. European parcel shipping offers a lot of shipping directions.

Shipping to the UK

Let’s take the United Kingdom for example. The UK is one of the most popular directions Whether you’re sending a small personal package or larger commercial shipments, it’s important to understand all the different facets of shipping, and that includes knowing how to find the cheapest way to ship to the UK. We’ll break down the most important information right here.

If you decide to take a trip by plane and you have a lot of stuff to bring with you, chances are you might have to pay an extra fee for additional luggage transportation that is over 20 kg. If you are willing to save some money on that transportation, you can send you stuff or postage with Ecoparcel. 

With Ecoparcel you will ship boxes or luggage to the UK for a bargain price compared to additional airlines fee. However, it is not just shipping, Ecoparcel will get you postage from door to door. Interested? Check our Ecoparcel pricing and terms to find out how much you can save.

How Long Does Shipping to the UK Take?

Whether you choose a cheap shipping service or more expensive options, it’s always important to know how long it will take for your parcel to arrive at its destination. For cheap parcel delivery to the UK – or indeed, any country – the delivery time is determined mostly by the type of delivery or courier service you chose.

For example, parcels shipped using expedited delivery services can reach the UK within 1-2 business days. For those that are shipped through economy delivery service, delivery times can be up to 16 days or more.

How much will it Cost?

There are several variables that determine how much it would cost to ship a given parcel or package from the US to the UK. These variables include:

  • Package weight
  • Package dimensions
  • Delivery timeframe

The lower these variables are (or longer, in the case of delivery time), the more likely it is that you’ll get cheap parcel delivery to the UK. For example, if you are shipping a flatscreen television, the US to UK shipping cost will be less than if you were shipping a car, especially as you have to pay additional fees and taxes on the car once it arrives in the UK.

In terms of dimension, packages with irregular shapes or dimensions attract more fees than those with normal shapes and dimensions. As for delivery, it is up to you to decide how quickly you want your package delivered. This means you can go for the cheapest way to ship to the UK, as long as you don’t mind your package taking a little longer to arrive at its destination.

Other EU Countries

What if you need to ship some stuff to any other EU country? Check Ecoparcel’s prices for any European country postage delivery from door to door. If you happen to travel to Italy or just need to send something, a gift or a box to Italy, click the link to check Ecoparcel’s offers.

In the end,

In this article, we discussed how to ship goods cheaper. One of the most practical delivery service providers is Ecoparcel. Let’s choose what is reliable and cheap! 

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