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How To Prevent and Treat Haemorrhoids


Haemorrhoids can be a complicated issue. On some occasions, even with store bought remedies and a great diet, the issue can persist. Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins that arise externally or internally in the rectum. They can produce itchiness, pain, burning and bleeding when left untreated.

Prevention is the Best Remedy

The best way to treat haemorrhoids is to prevent them in the first place. One of the best ways to do this is to avoid constipation. A diet that is chock full of processed foods, breads, pastas, refined sugar, and soft drinks is likely to impair your digestive tract. The less fluidly you digestive tract flows, the more likely you will develop haemorrhoids as a result. The best way to approach your digestive health is to consume vegetables, fruit, nuts and healthy grains that are replete with fibre. Avoid processed foods to the best of your ability.

Some people deprive themselves of water and turn to soft drinks whenever they can. As a result, they suffer from dehydration and a greater likelihood of constipation. When this occurs, they develop haemorrhoids in some cases. It is critical to consume the recommended amount of water in order to prevent haemorrhoids in the first place.

Other people simply avoid regular bowel movements. It is important to have a bowel movement whenever the urge arises. Furthermore, you should always relax when you are passing stool, in order to prevent strain.

It is critical to change your lifestyle if you wish to prevent haemorrhoids. Do you lead a sedentary daily routine, or do you stay active? When you are sedentary, you decrease your circulation, as well as your bowel activity. Try going for a brisk walk or to or engage in exercise.

Lifting heavy objects is one of the primary causes of this issue. Do you lift heavy weights or boxes? Avoid doing this in order to prevent haemorrhoids occurrences from arising.

If you are pregnant, do not sleep on your back, as this will place pressure on your lower body and cause haemorrhoids to arise. Rather, sleep on your side to reduce lower body strain and pressure.

When wiping after a bowel movement, you should blot the area with a tissue moistened with water, rather than wipe with a harsh tissue. Baby wipes are a great way to prevent anal irritation. Furthermore, use gentle soaps that contain neither dyes nor perfumes on the anal area.

How To Prevent and Treat Haemorrhoids

Medical Remedies

There are medical remedies reserved for only the most severe cases. Banding is a procedure that cuts the circulation of a haemorrhoid and causes it to wither and detach, alleviating the issue. This is a great remedy for piles. Of course, other procedures involve more invasive surgery that requires a longer recovery period. Such surgeries necessitate the use of general anaesthesia.

Home Remedies

There are many home remedies to alleviate the issue. To mitigate the symptoms, try sitting on a soft pillow and consuming fruit and vegetable smoothies to increase your fibrous intake. Switch to baby wipes instead of tissue paper, as well. Furthermore, try to use a topical treatment containing hydrocortisone.