How to Prepare Your Emergency Car Kits?


If you are planning to have a long distance road trip, it is important that you are fully prepared for any occasion, even for an emergency. Many people are poorly prepared and things can be quite difficult. Having an emergency kit inside the car can be really helpful. Regardless of where you go, you should have a fully-stocked emergency kit. There are basic essentials that you need to have inside the kit, including blanket, warm clothing, food and water. If your car breaks down in a remote location, the emergency kit could help you to survive for at least a couple of days until help come. Water us a critical necessity, especially if you are driving in remote, hot locations that have very few trees and water sources.

There are some ready-to-use kits that you can buy online, but it is also possible for you to make your own emergency kit. First of all, you need to know about the climate situation in your area. Your kit may contain large bottles of water, thick blanket, water purification tablets, duct tape, road flares, set of tools (metric and standard), flashlight (preferably rechargeable by cranking), waterproof lighters, small shovel, MRE, light stick, solar cell unit (for charging mobile devices), jumper cables, toilet paper, pen, writing paper and first aid kits. You should also prepare high-energy dry foods such as raisins, dates, dried fruits and jerky. By preparing your own emergency kit, you will be mentally prepared for emergency situations as well.

It will be less likely for you to lose your head. Your family could rely on you for their survival, so it is important that you are well prepared. You should do your best to make people comfortable. You should make your car to become a good temporary shelter to protect yourself against sunlight or very cold wind. You should avoid anything that can catch you off guard. You should know about a number of things that can keep yourself well prepared. You need to read survival books that can provide you with enough knowledge. If your car engine is still working, you can turn it on occasionally, so you can use the air conditioning or heater, depending on your situation. If it also a good idea to bring spare gasoline in leak-proof and well-sealed container.

You can improve your chance of survival by staying around your car. Rescuers will look for you along the road and it’s easy to spot your car from a distance. The emergency kit should allow you to survive for days, while you are staying near the car. If you want to leave the car to look for water, you should leave notes on a few places inside the car, so rescuers will know where to look for you. It is also a good idea to notify your friend and family of your destination, if you plan to go to remote locations. This small precaution can be significant in ensuring your survival during your trip. So, you shouldn’t forget to do that.