How To Prep For A Math Test


The most important math test of the year awaits you. Soon, you’ll be spending 90 minutes solving a variety of problems with no time to spare. If you are adequately prepared for this test you will do well. Here’s how to get ready for your upcoming math test.

Attend every class. Unless you are desperately ill you must attend every class. Listen to the lectures, pay attention to the material shared and work on problems in each class. Make a point to not leave class until you understand each problem. If you have a question, then speak with the professor or make an appointment.

At the appointment. When you keep your appointment with your professor, come prepared with your questions. Make good use of the short amount of time you have to go over those things that you do not understand. If after the session you’re still struggling you may be referred to a tutor. If so, then set aside time for tutoring sessions.

Study with care. When studying make sure that no other distractions are present. Plan to study upwards for an hour before taking a 10 minute break. Carefully read the text and study the proofs for the formulas. You need to master these formulas for your test.

Work on your homework assignments. Go over your homework assignments as many of these problems or ones like them will show up on your test. Keep your homework papers in order and solve the previously solved problems once again. Devote significant amount of your time to practicing these problems. Consider the different ways to solve problems either through elimination, substitution or through graphing.

Hit your notes early on. You big math test may still be weeks away, but begin to study right now. You need to ensure that all your earlier assignments are understood and that you set aside time regularly to study. As you get closer to the big test increase your studying accordingly. Get enough sleep, eat right and exercise. Study much the day before the test, but avoid cramming.

Look for study partners. Much of your studying will be done by yourself. You can also benefit by studying in small groups. You may find that you look at concepts in a certain way while other members of your group look at them in different ways. Consider their perspectives to help you comprehend their methods. Who knows — you may discover an easier way to get the work done.

Take a sample test. Develop a test based on your assignments. Find a friend to ask you questions based on what you have learned. Ask him to make up his own problems for you to work out. Write your answers on a sheet of paper or if you have access to an empty classroom write them on a chalk board. You may find that answering some questions verbally or writing them out on a chalkboard will help you retain what you learned better.

Leave no problem unsolved. If your math test is a final examination, you should know that your instructor may pull problems from the first part of the semester. It is important to study all the chapters even if some of those chapters were covered in an earlier test. Your diligence here will make a difference for your final grade.

Take the test. With the test in front of you do the easiest problems first. You can focus on the harder problems later when you have time. Make sure that you show all your work and recheck your answers before handing your test in advises Mathnasium.

Test Considerations

With careful planning you should get a high grade with your math test. If you miss a class or do not understand the assignment get help immediately. Once you fall behind it can be nearly impossible to catch up and your final grade will reflect that.