How To Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing Throughout The Year


Nowadays, due to the polluted weather and unhealthy diet, many people face problems related to their skin. Sometimes, it becomes quiet impossible to manage your skin, especially during the winter, when you get cold sores at the corner of your mouth or oily face when you wake up on a hot summer morning. However, there is nothing to worry now, as you can treat some of your common skin problems by using these tips:

  • Wash your face in a circular motion with warm water twice a day using any mild or acne soap, but do not scrub your face harshly.
  • Do not pop pimples as it pushes the infected material further deep in to your skin, and can even cause swelling, redness and scarring.
  • Avoid touching your face with your fingers or any other thing which collects sebum. Also, wash your hands before applying anything on your face.
  • Clean your sunglasses frequently to keep the oil away from clogging the pores around your eyes and nose.
  • Prevent your skin from direct sunlight, as it might cause sunburn to your skin.

Protecting Skin from Sun:-

As we all know that we get vitamin D from the sun, but it is also important to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. This doesn’t mean that you need to hide yourself in your house, but you need to take some precaution while going out in the sun.

Applying branded sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 15 before going out in the sun or for much better result select sunscreen lotion that can block UVA and UVB rays, also called as nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic is a good option. If you sweat a lot, then you need to apply sunscreen lotion every 2 hours, even if the bottle says that it’s waterproof.

Sunrays can harm your eyes too, so wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, while out in the sun. If possible, try to avoid going out when the sunrays are stronger.

Suffering from Eczema:-

Eczema makes your skin red, itchy and dry, especially where your elbows and knees bend or on your neck and face. Its symptoms vary from person to person. Eczema is not completely curable, but you can prevent yourself by taking some precautions.

Avoid using harsh detergents, perfumed soaps and heavily fragranced lotion, which can irritate your skin. Also, if you are washing dishes with detergent manually, then try wearing gloves. Do not apply makeup that includes fragrance and dyes, as this can cause allergies. Besides this, always try wearing cotton clothes as much as possible.

Thus, for the best results consult a well-known and experienced dermatologist who can guide you the best way to prevent yourself from Eczema.

Other Skin Problem:-

Apart from acne, eczema, sunburns, etc there are many other skin problems, which can be cured with the help of reliable dermatologist. Moreover, you can even find the best treatment centre for you in your city by surfing the net. All you need to do is type the best skin care treatment centre in Chennai on any of the search engines, and it will display a list of best dermatologists in and around your residence.