How to Improve Your Style


You’re pretty and you should totally know it. Beauty isn’t about standards. It’s about being happy with how you look and feel confident. Even if you may think that there are rules for what’s beautiful and what’s not, there aren’t. Every face and every body is beautiful if you allow it to be and having a personal style that defines you is the best way to feel good in your own skin.


Our face defines who we are. It’s like the business card you don’t have to give. As it is representative of yourself, you should be totally comfortable and confident about it. If you’re not, there are some ways. The first one is plastic surgery. It is possible to get lip injections in Montreal, for example. A small injection or a little botox to enhance your natural features is totally feasible if you want to feel more attractive. They may seem extreme or expensive, but some are totally affordable and will just help you appreciate your face. It’s important to stay reasonable not to look like a doll though.

Makeup is also a good option if you’re not totally happy with how your face look. Makeup can be soft and discrete, only to help your skin tone or your fatigue, for example. It can also be pretty artistic and adaptable to different events. Makeup is the best way to stand out and feel as pretty as you should. It’s also not permanent so a “faux pas” won’t be dramatic.


When we talk about style, we generally talk about clothes. There are so many different clothing styles that it may become hard to understand what’s beautiful and what’s not, what suits you and what doesn’t. The only rule to remember is: if you feel pretty and comfortable, wear it. You’re the one defining your own style. Comfort isn’t everything though. Some people only wear comfortable clothes regardless of what they look like. This is fine most of the time, but you have to be able to dress up and present yourself by your style first. Caring about how you look is giving you the chance to look good, it’s accepting that you’re pretty.

Style isn’t related to trends, it’s personal. You should totally take risks and mix things up. You should also considerate going to thrift stores, vintage stores or buy from local designers. These places offer original pieces and it’s more ecological. So, if you buy for 500 dollars, you won’t feel as bad as if you bought your clothes in regular fast fashion stores.