How To Find Remedy From SUDDEN HEADACE On The GO!


Headaches happen. You will never know where and when it happens. The situation can be absurdly curious. The things are not that bad when you feel headache in the supermarket. But everything goes wrong when you are on the go, crossing the state from one city to another. You are happy from your trip! You picked the best vehicle from the convertible rent a car in PIE airport to cross the Florida and visit the most interesting places. The choice of cars was huge. But you’ve picked a convertible vehicle because you like to feel the wind and enjoy the sun! This is your chance to experience driving in a completely new way and Florida is the best place for such an exotic driving! But suddenly you feel headache and can’t find a drugstore nearby! What are you going to do? Is there a way to find a remedy from your headache without medicines?

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You can find many methods on how to free of a headache naturally. Try any of them, depending what you can find in your car at the moment.

  1. Drink water

Do you want to know the reason why you feel bad? Dehydration is the answer! Also, it can cause a headache. It really makes influence on the way you feel and think. Just drink some water. As an experienced driver, you always carry a bottle of water in the car. Driving doesn’t mean you have to eat fast food only. Eating juicy foods, like fruits, soups, drinks, may also help to balance liquid in your body.

  1. Hot pads

Hot compress is recommended when you have a low tension headache. You can place a warm pad on your neck area and hold it for some time. If you are at home or in the hotel, you should take a hot shower. But here, in the car, a warm compress is enough.

  1. Cold compress

The best remedy when you have a migraine is a cold pack! Just place a cold pack on your forehead. If you don’t have a cold pack in the car, you can take a towel or your T-shirt and wrap the ice cubes in it. 15 minutes can be enough to feel better! Try to park your car while you are keeping the compress.

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  1. Avoid lights

It often happens that bright or blinking lights causes migraines. If you are in the hotel room, try to cover the windows and avoid daylight. If you are in the car, always wear sunglasses. Also, you may try to tune the car windows with dark screens.

  1. Stop chewing

You will be surprised but chewing a gum regularly can hurt your jaw and cause headaches. It’s not only about a chewing gum. Headache happens from chewing sticky and crunchy substances. So, make a habit to take food with small bites and eat healthy even when you are on the go. It is not a problem to take chicken sandwiches from home or stop for dinner in the city cafe.

  1. Caffeine

Suffering from low pressure, you should take some coffee or tea. Why? These drinks have caffeine to help you to free of your headache pain. Just stop the car at the read-side cafe and buy some strong coffee. Just don’t overdo! Too much caffeine is bad for your heart and blood preassure.

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  1. Relaxation and meditation

Do you practice yoga? Yoga practices and relaxation can help you to relax and chill out when you feel pain. Of course, you can’t practice yoga in the car! Stop the car at the park or at any beautiful place you like. As a rule, you don’t need much time to feel better.

  1. Massage

You can do a neck massage and head massage. It isn’t difficult at all even if you have never practice massage before. Head massage helps to ease a tension and remove stress.

  1. Try ginger

It was scientifically approved that taking ginger in addition to a regular drink or food helps to ease headache. This is the best natural method to remove migraine without any meds! You can find ginger in form of food supplement.



You can take meds!

If you come to the pharmacy for special medications, you can see that pharmacy shelves are filled with pain killers. Of course, some of them are effective and you can try to buy them to keep always in your travel bag. Just follow the indication list and make sure they are safe for drivers.

Pick liquids. They are easier to absorb for your organism.

Don’t take painkillers as a precaution. Take them when you feel pain.

If you feel sick or any other problems with your stomach all together with your headache, consult a doctor.

Anyway, suffering from regular headaches needs doctor’s consultation. Describe your headache symptoms and ask for a remedy.