How to Choose and What to Wear With A Colored Fur Coat?

How to Choose and What to Wear With A Colored Fur Coat?


You can add bright colors to the gray winter, and you can add a joyful mood without sacrificing warmth with the help of fashionable colored fur coats. This trend does not leave the catwalks and is loved by fashionistas from all over the world. How to choose this type of outerwear and what to wear with it, read on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dyed Fur Coats

They began to dye fur in different colors 50 years ago. Since then, the fashion for such fur coats either faded or flared up with renewed vigor. Through the efforts of eminent designers in 2016-2017. dyed fur coats “broke” into world fashion and firmly established themselves there. We see them at the shows of Fendi, D&G, Michael Kors, as well as on the stars of show business.

If you are going to purchase a colored fur coat for yourself, first familiarize yourself with its advantages and disadvantages. Among the pluses it is worth highlighting:

  • You can buy a trendy thing and be in trend even for little money. After all, faux fur coats are not expensive;
  • A colored fur coat will not let you stay in the shade. If you are a creative, independent and optimistic person, then colored fur will help you stand out from the crowd;
  • Colored fur coats can be worn by women and girls from 15 to 60 years old;
  • If you love animals and fundamentally do not wear fur coats made of natural fur, then colored faux fur coats are a great way to have a fashionable “fluffy” in your wardrobe;
  • If you dream of a colored fur coat, but are afraid to attract too much attention, then buy a product in muted colors, not too bright

In order not to be sad about the money spent later, before buying a colored fur coat, make sure that its disadvantages are not decisive for you:

  • If a fur coat is made of “Cheburashka” (plush), then in severe frosts it will not work to wear it, since it will not be able to fully warm you;
  • Stretched plush fur coats can be called solid and presentable;
  • If you wear a colored mink coat, then those around you may think that this is not natural fur, but an imitation;
  • Colored long-haired fur coats make a woman’s figure shapeless, add volume to her, so that curvy women will look massive in them;
  • It is more difficult to choose an outfit, shoes and accessories for such outerwear. After all, here you need to take into account not only the style, but also the color scheme.

As you can see, the score is 5: 5. If you thought well and your priorities and desires outweighed all the disadvantages of colored fur coats, then get together for the desired purchase.

What to look for when choosing a colored fur coat

The fur industry offers us today a million selection of faux fur jacket women. In addition to an extensive assortment of colors, buyers are baffled by a wide selection of styles. How to choose the one that will fit your appearance and not cause ridicule from passers-by? We analyze 4 important points:

  1. For what occasion are you going to wear a colored fur coat.
  2. What colors suit you (by color type).
  3. Which trendy fashion appeals to your taste and style the most.
  4. What is your body type and height.

Where will we carry

If you are going to walk in a colored fur coat all winter, then it is better to buy a product made from natural fur. Artificial models are more suitable for autumn. For everyday wear, it is better to purchase a fur coat just below the knee or above. Floor length fur coats are suitable for ladies who want to wear them on special occasions and look presentable.

What color to choose

When choosing a fur coat, be guided by the shade palette that suits your type of appearance. The spectacular ” winter ” will be emphasized by snow-white, charcoal, scarlet, chocolate, lemon and emerald colors. Gentle ” spring ” will suit clear colors of gray-blue, apricot and beige shades.

Fur coats made of turquoise, green or cream fur will suit bright ” autumn ” girls. And ” summer ” ladies should pay attention to soft pastel shades of fur coats.

Style and Fashion

You need to choose a fur coat that matches your basic style. Lovers of ethnic or sporty style will like a fur coat made from pieces of fur of different colors. Ladies who love to dress in ethnic style will also like fur coats with bright multicolored ornaments.

Choosing a Fur Coat by Body Type

  1. Fragile, slender and slender women and girls can safely buy long-haired voluminous fur coats. Ladies with a dense build or with an “apple” figure, it is better to abandon this venture at the root. It is better for a lush lady to purchase colored fur coats with a pile of 0.5-3 cm.
  2. Short fur coats and fur jackets will suit both slim and full ladies. But again, if you do not want “weight gain”, it is better to buy a short-haired mantle.

What Shoes and Bag to choose for a Colored Fur Coat

On special solemn occasions, stylists recommend wearing shoes or stiletto heels. For everyday wear, ankle boots and boots with a stable heel and last, on a low run and on a platform are suitable. Daring women of fashion wear sneakers and sneakers under a colored fur coat, which looks great.

Choosing a bag for a fur coat made of colored fur, it is better to opt for leather or suede versions of a strict silhouette. Soft bulky bags together with a maria b red saree will look vague.


Colored fur coats do not tolerate “competitors” in the form of bright accessories, bags, shoes and clothes. In order not to overdo it and not look defiant, it is better to wear them with neutral and discreet things. It is better to buy such a thing after careful fitting.