How Fear Affects Our Life


Fear is an emotion which is not only the province of human beings but animals too and yet, so many among us carry it around without truly realising the strain it causes. A burden weighing us down and preventing us from experiences which make living so colourful.

A large number of people have become so steeped in fear in their daily lives that they often fail to recognise it as such.

Ramifications stemming from fear can be both positive and negative. After all, it has been said many times that fear keeps u alive.

And it is true.

Fear does make people more cautious, forcing us to take a step back and assess the situation with a more critical eye.

Our bodies too experience various responses to fear which range from our pulse and breathing become rapid to our bodies turning tense.

But, how is it that some of us handle fear so much better than others? Why some take the positive effects of it while others remain chained by it?

Conquering Daily Fears

It is never easy to take up something new.

Most people are racked with doubt, fear and trepidation mixed with excitement and joy. Yet, some take the last two in their stride and run with it, conquering daily fears as they progress toward their goals. So many others stay trapped with the aforementioned trio.

Existing in a limbo rather than living.

Naturally, our characters and upbringing have a lot to do with it. However, it very often comes down to making a conscious decision and sticking with it.

Imagine a situation where you hate the daily rut you got stuck in – getting up, going to work, coming back. Day in and day out. Yearning for a better life, better job, better everything.

Still, the moment you even begin to think about making changes that terrifying little grey mass of tissue you tote around all day long starts working overtime to keep you exactly where you are. Mostly fine, ok-ish and stuck in the vicious circle of lulling monotony.

Fear of failure took over and you keep the repetitive rhythm of your life rather than taking a chance and failing in the process.

Rewire Your Brain

But, what if instead of the pesky voice asking “What if I fail?” you rewire your brain and adjust the pitch so the now soothing voice asks “What if I succeed?”

It is not an easy task, it could be said it is a mammoth one. But, it can be done.

The world around us is filled with examples of people who took a chance and are now reaping the rewards of it. It does not mean they didn’t fail along the way. In all likelihood, they failed quite a few times but they refused to give up.

Just imagine the amount of fear a doctor has to conquer entering an ER, or a teacher fresh out of Uni walking into a classroom for the first time, a hopeful trader investing his hard-earned savings into binary options. Yet, they do it.

Rewire your brain so that it whispers the good stuff in your ear instead of tripping you up. It is said that the language is the architect of reality, so adjust it and be more selective of the vocabulary you use.

Tips to Combat Fear

Fear is trudged upon by ordinary people every day and that makes it possible and attainable. So, start slowly by setting up a realistic goal.

Be kinder to yourself.

Laugh. Nothing can make fear vanish as fast as laughter can.

Run. Walk. Sing. Get a pet.

Reach out to people and keep company with those that make you feel good.

Relax and eat good food to fuel your body. Menssana in corporesano.

Learn, and make an effort to know yourself and those around you.

Stop waiting for the miracle to happen and be your own miracle.

Otherwise, you just might spend your entire life with only fear for company.