Highly Valuable IT Certifications? Microsoft Certification, IBM Certification...

Highly Valuable IT Certifications? Microsoft Certification, IBM Certification…


In recent years, the IT industry has become a highlight with bright prospects. Many people tend to take IT-relevant certification exams. In general, more people take a wide range of computer exams in order to garner certifications with high value and to enhance competitiveness. Then, what exams can programmers take? Here, we will introduce some highly valuable IT certifications.

1. Microsoft Certifications such as MCSE, MCDBA, MCAD/MCSD.

Microsoft certifications including the directions of management, database, and development are quite useful. For instance, MCSE is very useful for maintaining and managing LAN. However, working in actual network companies, you also need to learn the technologies of CCNA and CCNP expanding from LAN management to WAN management. Such technologies as routing, switching, remote access, and network troubleshooting are more pragmatic. CCNP certification is the paramount factor considered by enterprise recruiters.

2. IBM Certification

The common directions include e-commerce, database, mainframe, and development. You can check the exam information on IBM’s official websites, or the websites of Prometric and VUE (Two national certification exam centers where the introduction to other certifications can also be found).

3. Sun Certification

It has two major directions. One is the management of the Sun Solaris system. Another is the prevalent Java certification which includes SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD, SCMAD, SCWSD, and SCEA. The highest-level certification is SCEA (Sun Certified Enterprise Architect).

4. Cisco Certification

What is CCNA certification? It is said that this certification presents a high salary. The exam puts a focus on the combination of pervasive network knowledge and practical operations. The knowledge goes deeper as you learn and the teaching methods are flexible. The CCNA certification exam contains network operation, the difference between networking products, steps to design and troubleshoot networks, and other general knowledge. The purpose of courses is to enable students to design, build up and maintain a network that supports national and global organizations. CCNA certification can provide solutions based on training and experience.

5. Adobe Certification

It is one of the core content of the Adobe China Education Certification Program. Under quality control and regulation management, Adobe certification has gradually earned social recognition and has become a mainstream industry certification standard in China’s digital art education market.

6. Linux Certification

You can get the certification after attending professional Linux training and passing its exam. In 2013, the widely recognized Linux certifications in the world include Linux Professional Institute (referred to as LPI), SairLinux and GNU, Linux+, and Red Hat Certified Engineer.

7. CIW Certification

It is recognized and signed up by the following three international network expert associations: IWA (International Webmaster Association), AIP, and ICII located in Europe. CIW certification is the sole international authoritative certification targeting internet professionals. It is suitable for personnel engaging in design, development, management, secure protection, and technical support of internet enterprise networks. The training content is designed by 50 more American professional institutions, which makes sure the comprehensiveness and professionalism of network knowledge and contributes to the objective training courses with comprehensive standards. CIW training emphasizes the application and basic theories of network management. Students can not only learn knowledge but practical techniques applicable to various products relevant to enterprises.


Red Hat is the current largest Linux software products provider. RHCE is authorized by Red Hat company across the globe, offering multiple choices for Linux learners. Among the various international technical certification systems, the RHCE certification underlines the actual hands-on testing methods. It is suitable for those who have no experience in using Linux or UNIX commands but want to learn more about how to use and optimize Red Hat Linux on their computers. Employment analysis: Because this certification tests candidates’ actual skills, so the difficulty is relatively high. The holders will feel confident about their careers after passing the exam.

9. Huawei Certification

Huawei certification is established by the understanding of Shenzhen Huawei Technologies Corporation on industry development and years of IT talents training experience. Based on the personal career development life cycle of talents in the ICT industry chain, and guided by stratified professional technology certification, Huawei has launched a certification system covering the fields of IP, IT, CT, and ICT convergence technology equipped with Huawei’s “cloud-pipe-end” fusion technology. This is the only certification system in the entire ICT technology field.

Though these above-mentioned certifications have high value, programmers do not need to take all of them. More importance is attached to the project experience and operational abilities of employees. You can take certification exams to test your competence. Here are more IT resources on SPOTO, which can help you obtain IT certifications with ease.