High Pressure Water Jetting - The Right Tool For Drain Cleaning

High Pressure Water Jetting – The Right Tool For Drain Cleaning


Fat, grease, hairballs, tree roots and leaves, debris are some of the common causes of blocked drain in both residential and commercial properties. And needless to say, a blocked drain is a horrible stuff! Whatsoever is the reason of your blocked drainage, high pressure drain jetting can clear it off your pipe in no time.

High Pressure Water Jetting – How It Works?

You may probably know that water under extreme high pressure can turn out really powerful force that can scrape away any stubborn build-up on its way. In fact, water under high pressure becomes so powerful that it can also be used to cut through metals like aluminum and steel. The high pressure water jetting technology used by drainage companies work on the same concept. The drainage industry has given it many names including hydro-jetting, drain jetting and water jetting.

The hydro-jetting equipment enables the operator to adjust the pressure and velocity of water being sprinkled through its nozzles. When water is jetted in controlled manner at required pressure and pace, it can unblock all small or large build-ups inside the pipe or sewer. The drainage companies use normal water in this procedure which enable them to offer the drain jetting service at the most affordable rates.

Besides, the drain jetting technique doesn’t cause any harm to the surrounding environment as its just water, no harmful chemicals or toxic substances are used in the process. The drainage professionals use different nozzles and accessories based on the need of specific drain cleaning project. The powerful water-stream can cut stubborn build-up into pieces and push it out of the pipe.

Adjusting the volume and pressure level of the water stream, hydro jetter machine can be effectively used to unblock as well as clean the drainage system and sewers from within. This drain jetting equipment can break apart fat, oil, grease, tree roots, mud, scale, gravel and any other hard-to-cut-through substance/build-up with no need of excavation.

In short, some of the biggest advantages of choosing high pressure water jetting over other techniques include,

  • Deep cleaning that lasts longer
  • Faster and Economical
  • Environment-friendly

When Call Out a High Pressure Water Jetting Specialist?

High Pressure Water Jetting - The Right Tool For Drain Cleaning

Water used in high pressure water jetting treatment can clear all contaminants that may have mounted onto the walls of the drainage pipe. Although you may not see any major blockage, it is recommended to hire hydro jetting service from a reliable drainage company for minimum twice a year. This is essential to ensure complete drain cleaning so your pipes run to their maximum efficiency.

Both commercial and residential properties witness blocked drain scenario at some time in the lifespan. Minor clogs if ignored for a longer time can cause fatal results like property damage, drain collapse, etc. And fixing such issues will certainly be more expensive and time-consuming than carrying out a drain cleaning once or twice a year as a part of property maintenance program.

Preventive drain care helps avoid blocked drain and other drainage problems. This also ensures your drainage line keeps running at maximum pace year-round. If you find that water is running slowly these days and you are seeing blocked drain more often in recent time, it is wise to get your pipes inspected by a CCTV survey specialist and get it cleaned most efficiently with high pressure water jetting.

So, are you ready to undertake drain cleaning project by hiring a high pressure water jetting company in the town?

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