Helpful Tips For Moving To New Zealand From The UK


New Zealand offers sunny weather, beautiful landscapes, friendly and laid back people and an economy that is desperate for skilled workers, making it a perfect choice for Brits who want to emigrate and enjoy a high quality of life. There are plenty of visa options available, including an Essential Skills visa that is available for high qualified workers who can fill shortage skills.

Moving to another country is an exciting and brave move and there will be advantages and disadvantages to living in New Zealand. Make sure that you do your research beforehand, so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Here are some helpful tips that you should keep in mind if you are considering moving to New Zealand from the UK:

School System

The school system is different in New Zealand than it is in the UK. If you have children who will be transferring schools, the curriculum might not match up well so your child will need to do some extra study to make sure they have covered everything. Also the school year begins in January/February so keep this in mind when you are considering the timing for your move.

Laid Back Lifestyle

The pace of life is quite relaxed in New Zealand and the local people are very laid back and easy to get along with. While it is important to excel at work, most New Zealanders work to live and not the other way around. A healthy work life balance is encouraged and time away from the office pursuing sports, exercise and hobbies is a high priority too. Even in the big city you will only be a few minutes from a beach, park or trail and you will see many people enjoying these outdoor spaces.

High Quality Education

New Zealand offers easy access to high quality education, so if you are moving there with your children this is a great opportunity to ensure that they receive the best possible schooling. Most high quality primary and secondary schools are free and according to the United Nation’s Human Development Report of 2013 15 year olds in New Zealand scored ahead off those in the UK in science, maths and reading.

Work Visas

In order to work in New Zealand, you will need to apply for a work permit. Similar to the visa for Australia, there are many options for a working abroad permit in New Zealand. There is a youth working holiday option if you are under the age of 30 that will allow you to stay and work for up to 23 months in New Zealand. If you are thinking of emigrating long term to New Zealand, you could apply for a skilled migrant visa that will let you live and work in the country indefinitely.

Doing Your Homework

Make sure that you do your homework regarding the region or city that you plan to move to. Is it a rural or urban area? What amenities are there? What is the population and how geographically isolated will you be from the rest of the country?

Also make sure that you find out about the weather in the destination that you are planning to move to. Many people believe that New Zealand has a tropical climate, but the weather is very different depending on which region you live in. In the south it can be cold and rainy and the weather will often be similar to what it is like in the UK.

Give it a Trial Run

If you are considering moving to New Zealand, give things a trial run first to make sure that you will like it there. You can go there as a visitor and travel around the country to get to see what things are like and whether or not you can imagine yourself living there. You can also meet with some other expats from the UK who are living in New Zealand and ask them about their experiences. They will be able to give you an honest account of what it is like and let you know about aspects of moving that you might not have anticipated.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind if you are considering moving to New Zealand from the UK. This move is a major life decision, so make sure that you consider all options and do lots of research before you make your choice.