Ecommerce CRM software

Helpful Tips For Finding The Right Ecommerce CRM Software Solution For Your Business


Getting the right ecommerce CRM software solution for your business in order is not the hardest thing to do in the world. But it will require some legwork on your part first. In reality, there is a long list of providers that you can choose from. Along the way, you will want to test out each solution and use the trial to see if it’s the right fit for your business. We’ll show you some helpful tips so that you can make the most of your time and find the right software to help you better manage and expand your online business.

The Trial Period Is Essential

Most providers offer a trial usage period. This is great for using the system to see what it can offer to your company. Things to look for include features like task lists, integrated chat, social functions, analytics on your seasonal trends, newsletter ideas and suggestion for remarketing to cold leads, email marketing features to help you make the most of your ongoing campaigns and even social sniffers that let you know when people are talking about you on social media or around the web. Then there are ecommerce essentials, like shipping and returns software, which should be included as part of the premier benefits of any good ecommerce CRM software solution. Consider all of these integral aspects when choosing a solution for your company.

What The Test Reveals

That trial period should be used to assess the performance and appropriateness of the CRM for your business, and to gather feedback about how easy it is to use. That feedback is essential to creating a training initiative that will boost your adoption rates. Some of your employees may be early adopters and take to software agilely. Others will struggle and will require assistance and administrative time and oversight. Your job is to identify where training needs to happen.

Everyone Is Trained, But They Don’t Use It

So now you have done your research and run a trial test to tell you what software you needed. It was implemented in your company and the adoption rates are shockingly low. What went wrong? The most common reason that a well-trained employee doesn’t use a cloud CRM program that could make their life easier and work more efficient is the program is not working correctly.

To correct this, consider conducting an internal survey of your employees and ask for honest feedback about what they don’t like about the program. Chances are you will hear that it is slow, crashes or hangs. This means that the program itself is fine, your employees are fine, but that you picked to low a user access level to let the program be stable. When you have too many users accessing cloud CRM than is allowed in your subscription it can cause the system to become unstable. This is very common with some CRM services. If you haven’t calculated in their potential usage you have probably picked too low a user rate for your subscription. Make some simple changes to your cloud plan and continue forwards to help complete the onboarding process.

Once CRM Is In Place You Will See Fast Results

One immediate thing you will notice about using the best CRM software is the immediate difference it makes in the capabilities, performance and morale of your employees. It connects your entire network together so you can always be aware of trends, tasks, pending sales, customer service levels, retention rates and seasonal analytics. It puts you in the driver seat to make the small changes that are necessary to make your online business stand out from others. Moreover, it helps create synergy with your entire enterprise, so you can focus on what works and with improving it instead of wasting time on something that’s a failed prospect.