Know What Are The 5 Best Ways To Heal The Skin And Fade Scars?

Know What Are The 5 Best Ways To Heal The Skin And Fade Scars?


The ability to diminish scars is probably one of the most talked-about topics in the beauty industry, and understandably so. Scars can get in the way of a glowing complexion. They can be small and discreet or they can be glaring. Scars can be itchy, burn and even cause deformities within the skin.

Though scarring is a very problematic skin issue, you can rest assure to know that you are healthy, because if you have a scar, this means that your body has the ability to heal itself.

Despite how ugly they look, scars are your best friend, helping to heal a wound because otherwise, we’d have a shiny, pus-filled, red blotch on our skin. Scars come in many different sizes, shapes and colors and here are some 5 ways of diminishing them.

Homemade Treatments

It’s obvious how beneficial homemade treatments are for the skin, and scars are no exception. You’ve probably got an entire fridge full of blemish-erasing ingredients and you don’t’ even know it.

Small, light scabs are the easiest to remove with do-it-yourself treatments because they aren’t deep. You can choose lemon juice to help scrub off any remaining scars, which will also help erase discolorations.

If a light scab forms and you simply must banish it, try placing some ice on the area for about 10 minutes per day to shrink and diminish a mark.


So you may have gotten into some trouble resulting in a deeper wound, like perhaps, falling off your bike and scraping your knee severely. Sorry, homemade treatments don’t work for everything. You’ll need something effective and fast.

Enter laser treatments. They are a hot topic in the medical and beauty industry for their ability to zap any skin inconsistency and penetrate deep within the skin. They can also provide little discomfort and may be treated within the same day and typically results in very clear results.

Laser treatments should never be tried at home, but by a dermatologist who can help zap those blemishes into oblivion. Most laser treatments can easily remove top layers of skin, which allows the new tissue to form underneath. There are various types of laser treatments for the skin, so talk to your doctor about the right treatment for you.

Dermal Fillers

Some of the best method to get rid of acne scars come in the form of creams and gels, or you can get a filler to plump up any holes created by picking and popping your pimples.
Dermal fillers are great for evening out the skin, caused by moderate to severe acne and can last up to about a year with the right treatment. Restylene, Juvederm and Belotero are just some of the few popular brands that offer a more pristine and clear complexion after a faded scar has left a dent.


Severe scarring can last for several years and even permanently. If you suffer from scarring that can’t be helped with other treatments, there are surgical options for treating damaged skin.

Surgery may include invasive or non-invasive treatments for diminishing blemishes. Take note, surgery for scarring should only be practiced on those with the most severe, deep scars that have damage tissue deep within the skin.

Some treatments may be performed on the same day, while others may take several treatments before you see any results. Your treatment may vary, depending you’re the severity of scarring.


Creams and gels contain healing ingredients to help banish the most problematic of scars. Creams are typically used to treat mild to moderate scars caused by scrapes, cuts, acne and other injury-induced symptoms. Topical applications are also sometimes used post surgery as an after- care method.

Treating scars with topical creams usually involve ingredients such as silicone, to help protect the wound as it heals. Other ingredients, like vitamin e help to reduce inflammation and diminish the color with antioxidant properties.

More severe scarring, post opt, may require an antibiotic cream that helps keep bacteria and toxins at bay as the wound is healing.

Sometimes the best way to diminish scarring is the leave them alone and let them go through the process, but with the right treatment, you can actually help to get rid of them faster.

Scars happen to many of us, from mild to severe. When they do occur, available treatments help to diminish and erase them so that your skin can look as good as new.