Having A Sort Out Before Christmas? Do It The Easy Way!


If your home is anything like mine, it will have drawers and cupboards bursting at the seams with tat and unwanted items. Items that you think you may use in the future but haven’t quite got round to using yet. Things you’ve maybe inherited that you may think will have a use some day. Well why not take a good look at it now and sort through it once and for all and clear yourself some space before Christmas.

Get the family involved; after all some of it will be theirs and you are really going to need some help.

Arm yourself with a supply of large boxes and bin liners to make the sorting easy. Go through each drawer or cupboard one at a time, then the whole house doesn’t look like one chaotic mess. As you look through your possessions decide whether you are going to keep the item, give it away to a charity shop or throw it away. Place the items you are wanting to keep back in their rightful place, the ones intended for charity into one of the large boxes and the items you no longer need into one of the bin liners.

To make life easy for yourself, why not hire a skip to take away all your unwanted rubbish? Skips are not just intended for transporting huge amounts of rubbish. They come in a variety of sizes and if your rubbish is not quite as large as a small mountain, it’s still going to be worth your while. The skip can be delivered to your property and placed on your land for convenience; however, for those without the required space, it can actually be placed on the road outside providing you have the relevant permit from your local council; something that can usually be arranged on your behalf. We’re based in Billericay and recently used Reds Skip Hire and were pleased to find out that they could handle absolutely everything for us!

So why not give it a go. It will be less stressful than numerous trips to the local landfill site.