5 Uncountable Benefits Of Eating Healthy and Working Out 4 Times A Week

Good Health with Muay Thai in Thailand is A Blessing


Have you ever fallen sick on a holiday only to be reminded of the times that you weren’t? Remember how good that felt?

Well, let us put it this way. If your life can be drawn as a circle, your health would be the midpoint. Your physical state has a direct impact on your mental wellbeing. And rightly so. Who does not wants to be healthy, wealthy, and wise? It would be wise, to begin with, health! How you treat your body is evidence that should be admissible in the health court.

So consider this. You’re in the Buddhist heaven that is Thailand. You’re tempted by everything that they have to offer to you. But deep down, you know, there are consequences. You need to resist your impulses and stop indulging. It is too tough.

But what do you do? How can you break a habit? Well, that’s fairly easy. By making new ones.

For The Best Health, Prepare For The Worst

Being healthy is a lot about doing what is required to be done. So the risk of what cannot be done is later reduced. Begin with your diet. Eat your green leafy vegetables. Remember everything your mother has told you and her travel dos and don’ts. Follow them. Limit your calorie intake. While traveling, carry a compact first aid kit. Throw in all those creams, band-aids, and tablets. A lot of preparedness is believing that anything is possible.

Ask yourself health-related questions that you normally wouldn’t. Do I have medication for Diarrhoea? Will my sunscreen last for a week? How do I treat Jellyfish stings?

Avoid food on the street that looks like it has been there for a while. Worse, if there are flies around it. I appreciate and follow good overall hygiene. Tablets like paracetamol and crocins always come in handy. If you have any infections, carry the required medication everywhere!

Getting health insurance is a mindful way to tackle unforeseen circumstances and accidents. Visit the dentist before you travel!

Training Your Mind To See How Your Body Responds

If you have an incessant rash, you should check for allergies. Feeling funny after drinking tap water? Time to quit it. If the shoe is uncomfortable, stocking up on blister cream is a good idea. Especially if you are outdoors, on a campsite or hiking in Thailand.

Unusual pains should be addressed immediately. Try to look for signs that might be your body’s calls for distress. Fried and fatty foods can affect you differently. Healthy options for travel snacks keep you fresh and active. Don’t forget to stock up on the required nutrition for your body. It’s unreal how much we can find out about the body if we start listening to it.

Fitness Is A Sport: The More You Sweat, The Better Your Health

Activities like Yoga will help in gaining perspective and maintaining a peaceful mind. Travel Yoga is especially hip amongst travelers. It keeps you connected with yourself and the outer world. Morning meditation works wonders to clear out your mind. Some balance is necessary. Treks and camps are a good adrenaline boost and keep you engaged, mentally, and physically.

If you’re planning for weight loss, now is a good time to follow through a routine. Maintain a strict diet, not a fancy one. Making time for yourself is essential. Your phone and laptop screens will have to take a break! Go out there and compel your body to work out like never before.

Mental Health Is Actual Wealth 

A happy mind is a healthy mind. Notice that stress and anxiety can always be dealt with. Having your therapist on-call or having a list of good recommendations in Thailand will keep you sane. Mental health also affects other physical aspects of your body. Unhealthy eating is also linked to mood swings. It’s all connected. If you don’t feel like yourself, get to the bottom of the issue. It is imperative to actively keep your mind in a healthy place.

Train At A Sport And We Mean Muay Thai! 

What is it?

Muay Thai is Thailand’s National Sport. It is known as Thai Boxing. It is an incredibly popular form of Martial Arts that originates from Thailand.

How does it work?

Muay Thai works like Kick Boxing, except with an 8-pointer system. The striking can be done from a long-range, a close-range, or a mid-range. Fights are usually up to 5 rounds.

Why Muay Thai?

Because nothing boosts your health as this ancient sport does. Using your hands, elbows, knees, and shins, gives you the flexibility you require. Better strength helps with your posture in general. Instead of enrolling for weight loss programs or following unrealistic diets, try Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is an easy way to lose weight, provided you stick to your rigorous training, and follow your instructors’ advice. Soon enough, you will find yourself immersed in the training lessons.

You can utilize your body’s weapons much better through punching and kicking. It substitutes as an incredibly efficient form of self-defense. One of the advantages of Muay Thai is that you burn a high-calorie count with each workout.

It is both an aerobic and an anaerobic workout, which greatly affects your cardiopulmonary system. Practicing sport regularly increases your cardiovascular performance by a huge margin. A happy heart is a healthy heart!

Despite being dangerous, there are many more benefits of Muay Thai. Stronger and fitter hips increased leg strength, and a strengthened core, to name a few. The muscular physique you have always wanted is yours with some discipline and focus.

By practicing the sport regularly, you bring the focus of your life back on you. Where it matters the most. Take all that stress and anxiety and turn it into punches and kicks.

Happiness and cheer are abundant in Thailand. But to enjoy it to its fullest, taking good care of your health is necessary! Keep the fitness sessions going strong. It is only a matter of time before Muay Thai is synonymous with good health!