Everything You Need To Know About The Popular Matcha Green Tea

Everything You Need To Know About The Popular Matcha Green Tea


Green tea is one of the most loved drinks in the world. There is no human being on the planet who is not aware of the health benefits of green tea. To begin with, green tea has various potential benefits, such as a reduction in weight and improvement in heart health. Apart from that, there are many more perks of drinking green tea.

Matcha is one of the varieties of green tea that is, even more, healthier to drink than others. This is because it is grown as well as prepared differently than the other green teas. Also because, when you buy matcha green tea, you get to consume the whole tea leaf and not just a few bits of it. But is matcha worth the hype?

What is Matcha?

Like regular green tea, Matcha is also derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. This plant is generally found in China. The only difference that occurs is in its growth and preparation. Matcha is grown differently than regular green tea. And this is what brings the variation.

Tea bushes of Matcha are not displayed to sunlight for around 30 days before its harvest. Due to this shielding, the chlorophyll levels tend to increase in the leaves, turning dark green. The darker shade of green is also said to increase the number of amino acids in the Matcha.

After the completion of 30 days without sun, Matcha is ready for harvesting. During this time, stems and veins of the Matcha are removed from its leaves, and they are further stone-ground into a fine and bright green powder called Matcha. And this is why you see a dark green color powder when you buy matcha green tea.

As you drink matcha tea, you may experience higher levels of caffeine and antioxidants. Unlike standard green tea, powder from one whole leaf is ingested in matcha tea. Hene a standard cup of matcha has four teaspoons of matcha powder, around 250mg caffeine more than the regular green tea. Though the caffeine content varies from person to person and how much powder they add while making matcha tea, one should still prefer drinking a full cup of matcha tea in two or three turns.

Organic matcha tea is a little grassy and bitter. This is why it is mostly served with a sweetener to balance the taste. Not just tea but matcha powder is also used in smoothies and baking.

How Does the Preparation of Matcha Take Place?

Everything You Need To Know About The Popular Matcha Green Tea

As you know, regular tea or green tea is made from dried and soaked leaves. But in the case of matcha, you need whole leaves from the ground. The preparation process is carried out in a Japanese way. It is initially done by measuring the tea with a bamboo spoon. Once the adequate amount is measured and taken, it is further put into a heated bowl called chawan. Following this, you need to add hot water (not more than 70 degrees Celsius) to the bowl having matcha tea powder. After you are done adding everything, it is time to mix with a special bamboo whisk. Keep on mixing the matcha powder and hot water until they combine and become smooth with frothy consistency. And your matcha tea is ready to drink. Please do not drink it hot. Let it cool down at room temperature.

Remember, it is not essential to give the same equipment as mentioned above. However, you need to have the basic equipment like a cup, teaspoon, small wish, and you are done.

Benefits of Drinking Matcha Green Tea

There are infinite benefits that can be obtained from matcha green tea. Apart from the thousands of matcha tea benefits that are well known by the world, here are a few more that may incline you more towards this magical drink.

The Powerhouse of Antioxidants and Vitamins:

Matcha green tea is highly loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. These antioxidants help in reducing the cell damage inside the body. It also helps to prevent the body from chronic diseases. In addition, matcha contains a huge variety of vitamins, and some of them are vitamin A, B, C, E, and K. These all vitamins help keep the body fit and healthy.

Everything You Need To Know About The Popular Matcha Green Tea

Boosts Skin Glow:

When you buy matcha green tea, you take a step towards skincare. It helps to boost the skin’s glow in the human body. No matter what skin concerns you are experiencing, a cup of matcha regularly can be a real savior for you. As mentioned above, matcha has sky-high vitamin levels. The presence of vitamin C in matcha stimulates collagen production when ingested appropriately. Also, vitamin B helps in promoting skin cell turnover.

Gives Abundant Energy and Strength:

Tea is considered one of the most refreshing drinks of all. But when it comes to matcha green tea, you can completely rely on the higher energy levels too. The fact that matcha has three times more caffeine than regular teas makes it top the list. With 70 mg of caffeine, you tend to achieve energy and strength with a single cup. You may even exercise reduction in stress and anxiety with this. In addition, Matcha green tea increases GABA in the brain, which is why a sense of alertness is encountered.

Makes you More Productive:

As the caffeine content is higher, the productivity is also sky high. With a single cup of matcha tea, you come across attentiveness and high processing speed. Therefore these two qualities give rise to productivity. You will be more attentive towards your day-to-day activities and can end up performing better than before.

The above benefits prove that splurging on a matcha latte will never let you down. It would rather be a perfect investment to go for. With that being said, what are you waiting for? Buy matcha green tea from popular green tea sellers like DoMatcha today!