Every Good Interior is More Than Just a Good Design

Every Good Interior is More Than Just a Good Design


If you search for an interior designer today chances are that you may be flooded with results. Just about anyone with a simple sense of design aesthetics and a few projects under their belt claims to be an interior designer. Separating the best from the rest is a challenge that every client needs to focus on to ensure they hire the services of an apt designer.

While most new designers may claim of successfully designed projects, the fact is that a good home interior is more than just a good design. Of course the design aesthetics are significant. But the core is how well the designer understands the needs of the clients and then draws out a plan for the entire home. Simply designing one room, no matter how beautiful or aesthetic, without complementing the other rooms and the overall design sensibilities of the house, may call for nothing in the end.

Things to look out for when short listing an interior designer

When you are looking to hire an interior design firms in Bangalore or any other city for your needs, here are some yardsticks to make sure you hire a good designer.

  • Check on the designing philosophy: A good designer will ensure the home or property being developed has a basic designing philosophy. Understand how the designer will help make home décor reflect the underlying theme while adding to the comfort of the residents. Every interior designer worth his weight will ensure that the design part is just one part of the home while balancing the overall theme with designs, colors and add-ons to offer the perfect ambience the home user is seeking.
  • See if the designer is open to receiving your ideas and designs: A good designer is one who is always open to understanding the needs and design ideas of his clients. A designer who is open to listening to the needs of the clients and then plan a design accordingly, is a much better proposition than opting for a designer who likes to work on his own ideals.
  • Ask for customized designs: One design may not work for all. Seeking custom designs as per your preferences is essential. A good designer will ensure that a home is more than just good design, offering utility for the residents. If a designer opts for simplicity in design but enhances the overall theme of the house, the designer is actually adding more value.
  • Look at previous work apart from just the interior decors: While checking the previous work of the designer look at aspects more than just the home décor interiors. Ask for the overall theme implemented by the designer and how the designer managed to blend the theme while designing each room as well as open spaces in and around the house.

Core essentials a good designer follows:

Amid the rising crowd of designers in the market today, well oriented interior designers who understand their work chalk out their designing strategy based on three core fundamental principles. These include:

1: Gets to know the clients and their needs

A good designer will ensure that he is able to spend time with the clients and try to understand the personality and the needs for each of his client. Just like no two individuals are alike, no two house designs can be similar. Each must correspond to the personal needs, likes and dislikes of its residents. A good designer will therefore understand the personality traits and needs of a client before chalking out any rough draft for designing the home.

2: Design the home as a whole

A good designer will always design the house as a whole, rather than drawing up design plans for individual rooms. The essence of a good interior design firm is to ensure the whole house reflects the underlying design theme. If a designer is designing each room separately, you are better off seeking service of a more accomplished designer.

3: Demarking empty spaces

While the space marked for various designs and furniture is important, the empty space in a room is just as significant to make the design appear aesthetical. A good designer will ensure that there is ample empty space including space that allows for easy movement of people in the room. Only a lesser accomplished designer will seek to add more decors and design elements while reducing the empty space quotient in a room.

Good interiors are more than just an exotic design and need to be a blend of designer’s core philosophy, blending with the theme of the house and needs of the residents.