Evaluating Retirement Homes In Mississauga


As the population ages and seniors are now living longer, more people are looking into retirement homes. It may be a pre-planned decision or a decision that occurs after a sudden illness or injury and following hospitalization needs become more difficult to manage in the home There are a wide range of retirement homes in Mississauga, each offering their own unique amenities and services. To make a decision about a Mississauga retirement home that is right for you or your loved one, it’s important to know what to look for in a quality retirement homes. The following is an outline of what to look for when evaluating retirement homes in Mississauga.

Impression of the Retirement Home’s Exterior : The best way to assess retirement homes in Mississauga is to visit them. Take the time to tour the facility and talk to staff and residents. When assessing a retirement home, find out the following: Is the location convenient for family and friends to visit?  Are the surroundings quiet and peaceful? Are there any outdoor features such as gardens and places where residents can sit and enjoy the outdoors? And, is the exterior building and property well maintained?

Impression of the Retirement Home’s Interior : Within the retirement home, find out the following; Are there both private rooms and shared rooms? Do rooms have windows with nice views? Are rooms furnished and spacious enough for residents?  Is there enough closet and storage space? Are telephones and private TVs permitted? Are laundry and housekeeping services provided?  Is the home smoke-free or is smoking designated to specific areas? Is the residence clean, free of odours, and appropriately heated/cooled?  Does the residence have good natural and artificial lighting?

Staff Assessment: Watch how the staff work and interact with residents. Do they seem attentive and caring? Do they interact well residents and with one another? What special training does the staff have? What is the ratio of staff to residents? Does the staff know residents by name?

Medical Care: Find out if there is a licensed physician on staff and when the doctor comes to the home? Is a registered nurse on duty? Do care workers work with the same patients every day and know them well? How often are resident needs reassessed? How close is the nearest hospital, medical clinic, and dentist office? Is a transportation service available for doctor or hospital visits? How does 24/7 emergency services work? What special types of care are offered such as physical therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other therapies?

Resident Assessment: Look at how the residents appear to live.  Do the residents seem reasonably happy and well cared for? Are they out and moving around?  Do the residents seem engaged in the activities? Are residents clean, appropriately dressed, and well-groomed?

Safety and Security: Are there safety measures in place at the retirement home? This includes: smoke detectors, hand rails, grab bars in bathrooms, and sprinklers, Is there video surveillance in place. Are there security personnel at night? Are background checks performed on staff? As well, find out if staff members are identified with name tags or security badges.

Food and Dining: Is the food appealing and nutritious? Do residents appear to enjoy their food? Can residents choose their meals?  How are special nutritional needs accommodated? Are meals taken in a common room or in individual rooms? Are healthy snacks available to residents?

Social Activities and Recreation: Find out what activities are offered? Are they engaging, stimulating, and enjoyable. Is there an outdoor area for recreation? Does the retirement home offer resident outings? Do they bring activities into the retirement home? Do volunteers come into the residence to help with or conduct programs? Are there pets on-site for residents and staff to enjoy?

More seniors are finding retirement homes an attractive option. Choosing a Mississauga retirement home is an important decision to make for yourself or a loved one.  These homes are designed to enable residents to thrive and share common interests and activities with others while having access to supportive services. Retirement residence costs will vary in Mississauga and not all services may be included in the basic cost. You should consider all of the important factors when evaluating Mississauga retirement homes to ensure that you select the best home that meets your or your loved one’s needs and preferences.