Easy Ways To Go Eco-friendly At Home


“Are you looking to create a healthier home? Then reduce your carbon footprint, lower your monthly bills and see the changes.” This is what my friend said when I went up to her with my issue. I was pretty disappointed with my electricity bill and didn’t know how to cope up with the problem. I went to the electricity office to find the reason behind it, but they had no clue instead came up with unnecessary logics. After being pissed off completely, I contacted one of my friends and started discussing the matter. To this, her reply sounded quite positive and the best part was, she explained me why I should start practicing being eco-friendly.

I was informed that there has been leakage in the wiring as it is a pretty old one and to avoid unnecessary problems I must shift immediately. To this, I started looking for a new flat and then ended up with an affordable flat on Ajmer Road. I will be shifting to my new apartment very soon, but before I shift, I started working on the ‘Go Green’ mission as pointed out by my friend.

Here is a list of five important tips to join the bandwagon to go green.

Green Energy Consumption Practices

To save on your bills, change the electrical wiring in your house and most importantly replace all the incandescent bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent).

Another hidden pollution cause is none other than the air-conditioner. It is summer and quite obviously air-conditioners will be running to keep the house cool. However, it would be good if the usage is less because AC has a tendency to release warm air, thereby, making the outer ambience warm. So, instead of building the dependency on electrical appliances, use wood shutters and eco-friendly blinds as alternatives.

 Go Organic

The food we eat is quite good and healthy. Isn’t it? Of course, the credit goes to the pesticide, genetically modified food and polluted water. To be precise, what we knew as freshwater fish, leafy & green vegetables are not safer to consume. It would be great if you try organic farms instead of going to the departmental stores. In organic farms, you will get free-range eggs, meats and zero fertilizer vegetables.

Say ‘No’ to all Non-Recyclable Products

Say ‘No’ to all Non-Recyclable Products. Guess, we see such warning signs every other day, but we hardly follow, instead, we love ignoring it. If you want to make your new apartment a green living place then do abandon all sorts of plastic bags and start using cloth tote or jute bags.

Always remember the greener you start living, the better you can make the environment for you as well as others. So, instead of just throwing away your computers and mobile phones in dustbins, search for retailers who would take your old gadgets to replace it with new ones.

Bring Indoor Plants

Treat your house with utmost care. Introduce indoor plants in your house and you will find the difference after a few days. Plants will filter the air in your house naturally by giving out oxygen and taking in the dangerous carbon dioxide gas.

No wonder, all these above-mentioned tips were quite refreshing to me. As I started the practice everything looked so good. I am highly benefitted, now it is your turn to mould your ideas with these useful tips.