Driving License Requirements For Renting A Car


Dubai rental cars come with a number of rules and regulations. It is good to know the relevant requirements before commencing with the booking process as this will help you avoid inconveniences and enjoy a hassle-free experience. There are various requirements touching on driving licenses for people intending to drive cars for rent in Dubai. Here is a summary of the driving license requirements for renting a car in Dubai: –

  • Travelers with passports from GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council) and some developed countries (SEE TE LIST HERE) can use valid driving licenses issued in their countries of origin.
  • If you are not under GCC and first world countries listed above , you will need to obtain an international driving license (otherwise known as permit) that shows the validity of your home country’s driving license. This permit must be issued in your home country and be presented together with your driving license when driving Dubai rental cars.
  • It is illegal to drive a car with private numbers if you do not come from any of the countries listed above. When driving the best car rental Dubai, you will need to have proper insurance coverage and license.
  • If you are from any of those countries listed above, you can obtain a temporary driver’s license valid for 6 months which allows you to drive a privately owned vehicle. The process for obtaining this license is easy if you have proper documents. However, always check for any additional rules that might be applicable in case you wish to cross borders or drive to a different emirate.
  • You are only allowed to use a UAE Driving license if you have already obtained a UAE residence visa. This makes your international license invalid for use if you want to drive Dubai rental cars.

There are both locally and internationally owned car rental companies in Dubai and these can be worth considering whenever you wish to rental a car for convenient travelling around the busy business city. However, always take your time to compare prices for the best car rental Dubai as this will help you locate the best deals and save more in the process. Car rental marketplaces such as Travelauto.com can be of great help for both the comparison tools and online booking.