Drive 12-Seater Safely or How to Run A Large Car

Drive 12-Seater Safely or How to Run A Large Car


People often use passenger vans for traveling. Schools, families, business organizations find it comfortable to rent 12 or 15-passenger vans every time they need to get away from the city or country. These large cars are convenient for long trips and often affordable at their prices. Why do they prefer passenger van driving to hiring a usual car? 

The answer is obvious. Whenever you go, you do realize the importance of traveling together in one car instead of using 2 and more vehicles. By doing so, you can control your trip and save some money on rental. 12-seater van rental in San Jose will offer you a wide choice of cars for rent. Go online and pick the car according to your travel needs. Consider the rates and car characteristics. If you book a vehicle right now, you have the chances that you’ll get the best price. Renting a car, you can plan your trip big, go where you want and do what you want.

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

Outdoor activities in San Jose

California attracts visitors with its cool weather and impressive nature. Also, there are so many tourist spots that the head is spinning. Outdoor activities are the safest way of entertainment. San Jose offers to spend time outdoors by walking in the parks and hiking in the mountains. 

  • Hiking and biking trails

There are trails for different tourists. Don’t worry if you know nothing about how to ride a bike. There are trails for different levels of experience, from beginners to experts.

  • Parks and gardens

You can enjoy nature views even without leaving the city. Go to see roses at the Municipal Rose Garden or go boating in the ponds at the Japanese Friendship Gardens. Montgomery Hill Park welcomes you with 4 miles of walking trails, noisy falls, and oak tree groves. The park is especially beautiful in spring and autumn.

  • Farms and stables

There is one place, worth visiting for all horse lovers. Go to Garrod Stables. You can take a horse riding through the vineyards and oak groves here. Much space from one side and mountains from others make you feel like in a movie scene.

  • Street shows and concerts

San Jose is famous for its shows and concerts in the open air. Have you ever visited a Bike Party? It takes place in San Jose every month on Fridays. Many people come here with their bikes to take the route and get much fun on the go. There is music, food trucks, smiling faces around.

Stop! Ocean

Passenger vans driving tips

Of course, driving a van differs from driving a car. The van is a long and often high vehicle. It needs more space on the road and on the parking. Driving a van, you must be twice more careful and skilled. It is not recommended for young drivers. Many people think that driving a 12-seater they feel the same comfort as at the wheel of their own car. It’s a rather mistaken opinion. However, you must be properly trained to drive safely and responsibly.

Keep the right side of the road.

Don’t start driving when the weather is not good. If you have to go no matter what, try to keep a maximum distance between cars. Consider your car size.

Always examine cars before rental to avoid questionable matters.

Consider blind spots. The biggest one is just behind the car. Try not to back up if you don’t feel the real size of your auto.

My New Van

Forget about speedy driving. Try to be careful and attentive, especially when driving on rural or mountain roads.

Never forget about speed limits. The speed is limited by state regulations. Consider the fact, that all the speed limits you meet on the roads are safe for light vehicles. Drive your large car under the speed limit to be 100% safe. 40 mph is the best possible speed for your van.

Bark slowly and slow down the car gradually to avoid emergencies and cracks.

Don’t overload your car. Never load it on top. Your van has folded seats and much space inside to carry luggage.

Take care of your passengers! Follow safety rules and belt them all up. Traveling with kids, don’t forget to use child seats. If you don’t have them, you can rent a car already with all the needed equipment. Watch the car balance and stability when driving.

Don’t forget about parking! Whenever you go, you can park a small car just on the street. This strategy doesn’t work well with vans and minivans. Due to their big size, it may not fit in a standard parking spot. Just choose a spot that gives enough space for your car. Also, you can leave a car at the hotel or tourist parking if you decided to leave your vehicle and go hiking. The rest, there is nothing fancy here.