Don’t Buy An Xbox One To Just Play Video Games


Are you loath to spend hundreds of dollars on a gaming console for your kids to have it gathering dust most of the time? If you don’t play games yourself, then you may think it is a waste of money to purchase a video game player. However, with advances in micro technology, new video game consoles do much more than just play video games. It is an entire entertainment centre.

Fitness Machine

With a gaming console, you can pull up a workout program and use it to get fit. You can select a trainer to workout with, such as Jillian Michaels or Tracy Anderson, or you can try Tai Chi or Zumba instead. You can set up the console to give you feedback on your heart rate or your exercise form. In addition, find out your pulse, have your muscles mapped or take a look at your energy meter.

Watch Your Favourite Shows

Connect your satellite box through the xbox one and you can watch TV or movies through your game console. You can list all of your favourite shows or apps and not have to switch inputs to watch TV or play video games. You can even find out what the most popular shows are in your country, a list that is updated every minute. Check to see which shows are trending on Twitter based on the amount of tweets they are receiving as well.

Talk with Friends

If you like to Skype, then you can do so on your video game console. Use your TV screen to talk with and see your friends. In addition, you can speak to them and still watch TV at the same time. Watch a programme together and discuss it as it plays for fun. In Snap mode, you can even talk up to three friends at the same time on Skype.

Watch and Play

For people who can divide their attention, they can play a game and watch TV at the same time. You can either switch between modes or you can place your programme or movie on a split screen with your video game. This will allow you to do both things at the same time if you so desire.

Find Other Players

If you do like playing video games, you don’t have to do so alone. You can find players around the world through your game console and challenge them to play. You can also team up with another player and play a game of your choice. It is a fun way to meet new friends and socialize with them.

Most video game consoles are now complete entertainment devices. You can use it to play games, find and watch new movies, talk with friends or even work up a sweat. With everything it does, there is little chance it will gather dust. Whether you are buying the game console for your children or yourself, the entire family can make use of it since it does much more than just play games.