Different Types Of Dining Table For Your Dining Room

Different Types Of Dining Table For Your Dining Room


When you become a master of amalgamating your necessity with your aesthetic sense, you become a professional of designing anything. It is about your dining room and the most important furniture of that room, the dining table. A dining room without dining table is kind of curry without salt. But, what type of furniture design dining table you should choose? Actually, there are different types of dining table available at the market which are different according to their shape, size,and material. While you want to buy one, you should consider the size of your dining room as well as the average members who will dine together there. Based on these things, you can pick the most suitable dining table for your house.

Choose the Shape of Dining Table

Dining tables are available in different shapes. Check out Black Mango the list before deciding the most suitable one-

  1. Rectangular– These are the classic tables and give your house a vintage look. This shape is one of the most popular and this also functions the best. If you have a joint family with more than four people in the house, therectangular dining table is the best thing to buy.
  2. Oval– This is quite stylish and also allow more people to dine together.
  3. Round– Though round tables are quite trendy, but this is not perfect for large families. Still, you can choose shifting sitting option if you want to buy this one.
  4. Square– This is the simplest form of dining tables and not commonly used in lavish and stylish dining rooms.

Pick the Material

From wood to glass, dining tables are available in different materials. What do you want to buy?

  1. Wooden Table– This is one of the most conventional, yet classy option. If you want to buy this one, choose woods, like maple, teak, oak, walnut or mahogany.
  2. Marble– These are really elegant and will add a luxurious feeling to your dining room. But, you need to take care of the marble to keep it polished and stain-free.
  3. Glass- If you want an airy feel to your room and want your dining room look modern and trendy, glass tables are the best option. While choosing glass tables, you should consider the quality of the glass.it must be safety glass that doesn’t get scratch easily.
  4. Metal– Though it looks a bit industrial, still you can choose it for your house. After all, it is quite mod, stylish, easy to maintain, stain resistant and sturdy piece of furniture.

Which Style You Want

You will get confused. Choose one based on the interior decoration of your house.

  1. Traditional- Buy only if your house is designed likewise. This is quite common though.
  2. Rustic– If you want to feel the natural touch, this is really good.
  3. Modern- loved by all and also preferred the most by the buyers.

These are certain types of dining table you can consider while planning for dining room design. The piece must be unique that can show your personality as well as your house’s.