Create A Checklist When Moving House


There are lots of things that you can do to ease the pressure of moving to a new house and one of the best things that you can do is create a checklist of everything that you need to do in the weeks leading up to the move. There’s no need to leave everything until the last minute and there are lots of jobs you can do ahead of time and there are also many things that you can employ a removal company to do for you.

If you plan on moving far, you will need to organise all kinds of things from a new job and getting your children enrolled in local schools through to finding a removal company that will travel long distances. You can search for companies specializing in interstate removals and they will be happy to help you with all kinds of jobs.

Making a Checklist

Start by setting out a checklist of jobs that need to be done, then you can work out the following:

  1. What jobs you can do in advance
  2. Which jobs you can hand over to a removal company to handle

There are a few important jobs to focus on around six weeks before the move is scheduled. This can include things like writing an inventory for your valuables, contact your household contents insurance company and enquire about what you need to do to get cover for the move. Another good thing to do is sell any belongings that you don’t want or need. This will help you to get rid of a lot of clutter that you don’t have to pack up and move with you, and websites such as eBay are great for this.

Four Weeks Before you Move

Around one month before you want to move you will need to book a removal company to help you.

Here are some other things that you will need to do:

  • Enquire about what other services the removal company offers and make use of services such as packing
  • Go to your Post Office and notify them about an upcoming change of address
  • Ensure your new property is ready for you to move into

As you get closer to your move date, you will also need to get back in touch with the removal company to confirm the dates, times, what services you want from them etc. You can use this time to have school and doctor’s records transferred, as well as any pet records and some removal companies will be able to help with organising pet transportation if required. Dismantle things such as sheds, shelves, swings and garden furniture and then you will be ready for the removal company to come and begin packing up.

Make sure everything is labelled according to the room and take advantage of services offered by your removal company such as unpacking and installing appliances like washing machines, because this will save you a lot of time and hassle.

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