Could Social Media Make Your Business More Profitable?


In this digital era a company website is mandatory. Now that we are all connected to the internet as we go about our daily business, thanks to the rise of the smartphone which allows us to access information wherever we happen to be, business owners and managers are already well aware of the importance of having an effective digital marketing strategy.

Social Media is Here to Stay

However, far too many businesses are ignoring the marketing opportunities that social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have to offer. Social media is one of the fastest growing internet trends, so love it or loathe it, your business should be making use of the opportunities that these sites can offer.

Facebook is the social media site of choice for thousands of businesses thanks to its iconic ‘Like’ button system which allows users to pass on links, comments and articles to their online friends. Word of mouth has always been a popular method of recommending products or services, and the ‘Like’ button operates in a similar way but reaches far more people.

An article on Facebook’s own business pages suggests that ‘organic reach’ – the number of people who receive your updates completely free of charge – is in decline, but lists solutions to increase the number of people who see your updates and comments.

Forbes believes that not enough managers are considering the huge benefits that a robust social media strategy can offer to just about any business. The article discusses the marketing Holy Grail of achieving a post that goes viral, but makes the very valid point that this is neither necessary, nor even desirable, for the majority of businesses.

The major benefit of an active social media presence is to raise brand awareness, building up a loyal fanbase of customers and potential customers. The goal is to become a recognised brand within your field via the social media ‘word of mouth’ equivalent.

Of course, there’s much more to it than simply bashing out a few comments every day and uploading them to your company profile page. The quality of your comments, and their relevance, are also important in order to promote a positive image of your products or services.

Call in the Professionals

You may be perfectly comfortable attempting to go it alone, but for most businesses, particularly smaller enterprises, seeking out some professional assistance is generally helpful and can significantly boost your company profile. And the good news is that it really doesn’t have to eat into your company budget too deeply either! For example, the Bournemouth web designer and digital marketing experts Expect Best, can build your company a dedicated Facebook following from as little as £29 per month. They will do all the legwork leaving you free to concentrate on the serious business of tracking your profits.

You don’t have to be a fan of social media sites to recognise their importance in a business digital marketing strategy. To ignore the benefits and opportunities that they offer is to do your business prospects a grave disservice.