Cost Effective Ways To Boost Brand Awareness At Exhibitions


The main purpose of taking part in an exhibition is to boost brand awareness. If you have ever visited a trade show or exhibition, you may have noticed that most brands and companies usually give out brochures. You won’t see a lot of people making big purchases. However, you will notice customer representatives talking with visitors.

They may be highlighting the salient features of the business or simply explaining a particular service to the visitors. The abundance of brochures that you get at an exhibition simply points to one thing: companies want to promote their brand.

If you are taking part in an exhibition, the number one issue is to attract visitors to your stall. You can only talk to a visitor if they walk up to your stall and express an interest in your services. But how do you boost brand awareness at an exhibition without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips that will help you:

Get Unique Looking Banner Stands

Banner stands are usually placed right outside the stall/booth. The banners are very easily noticed by people walking by your stall. Rather than simply opting for rectangular banner stands, it is a wise idea to hire a professional design company. The company will create unique looking banner stands for you. They will create banners in different shapes and sizes.

Based on consumer psychology reports, most visitors remember novel shapes in ordinary situations. Having a good banner stand outside your stall is an excellent way to leave a good first impression. Moreover, banner stands don’t even cost as much. If you hire a reputable company, they may even offer first-time discounts.

For instance, Marler Haley is one of the biggest companies in the UK. They promise delivery within 48 hours and use a variety of innovative techniques in order to create unique looking banners. The banner stands by Marler Haley are not only reliable and sturdy, but they also come with a guarantee of 10 years.

Cost Effective Ways To Boost Brand Awareness At Exhibitions

A Good Looking Exhibition Stall

When a visitor first enters the hall, the first thing that they will notice is the design of your stall/exhibition stand. Most companies don’t realise the importance of a good-looking exhibition stand. Unless your stand looks good enough, visitors may be unwilling to share information with you.

If you really want to boost brand awareness at an exhibition, you should hire a private stand designing company. Stand designing companies use different strategies and state-of-the-art techniques to create unique looking exhibition stands. If your exhibition stand looks good and unique, you will attract more visitors.

Most managers usually invest a lot of time and energy in training their customer representatives. While this is very important, you should never undermine the significance of a good looking stall. People feel much better if they are standing in a spacious, well-designed stall. They will be more willing to share their contact details with you if your stall is welcoming and comfortable.