Cleanliness: The Ingredient For An Enjoyable Dining Experience

Cleanliness: The Ingredient For An Enjoyable Dining Experience


A guest made reservations at your restaurant—currently the hottest place to dine, popular for your out-of-this-world steak. He excitedly waits at his table to have some of that coveted meat in his mouth, ready to have his gastronomic senses blown away.

While he waits for his order, he takes in the surroundings and unconsciously assesses the overall appeal of the establishment. Decorations are classy and not overly done, the staff are friendly and attentive, his cutlery is nicely laid out on the table, the linens are soft to the touch and there’s a stain of steak sauce on the cloth under his knife, there’s…wait! There’s a splotch of spilled sauce left from who knows when and his knife (the one he will be using in a few minutes to cut and eat his steak) is lying directly on top of that blotch of old, dried sauce that could be several days old for all he knows.

As his overactive brain starts to analyse what bacteria could be lurking in that spot of food stain he is also losing his appetite and is composing his online rant about this appalling discovery inside your popular restaurant.

This may seem trivial because a little splotch on linen won’t matter if you can eat the best steak in the world, right? Most people would disagree because cleanliness is a top priority when diners choose a restaurant. Dirty glassware, unwashed linen, and stinky loos are some of the top reasons a dining establishment becomes the receiver of bad reviews. So the moral lesson is simple—cleanliness MUST be a TOP PRIORITY at your restaurant.

Do Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Follow industry standards when cleaning your establishment and make sure each nook and cranny of the place is spic-and-span. Schedule your general cleaning days and hire professional cleaners to do specialised work. Make sure your linen are clean and regularly inspected and changed. Partner with a company that specialises in linen hire in the Tyne & Wear area or in your locality so you don’t have to worry about the washing and pressing and can rely on fresh linens every day.

Conduct Frequent Spot Checks

Even with regular cleaning, there can be mishaps during a regular business day, such as ‘accidents’ in the loo, and yes, spilled food of previous customers splattered on table cloths. Do your rounds several times each day to spot areas that need emergency clean ups.

Have Continued Training on Cleanliness and Hygiene

Be consistent in emphasising the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in your restaurant. Educate your staff on how to properly present and groom themselves, handle food, and clean cooking and eating utensils and kitchen and dining equipment.

Dress to Impress

Make sure your kitchen and waiting crew are smartly dressed in clean, professional-looking, and comfortable uniforms. Have spare sets of clothes on hand so they can quickly clean up and change if needed. A spotless dining area can easily be overlooked if your chef prepares food in a dirty and unkempt jacket and trousers.

Ask for Feedback

Your customers are the best people to assess how good the dining experience is in your restaurant. Allow them to rate your food, service, and premises so you know what else you need to improve on and what areas you are already excelling in.

By ensuring enjoyable experiences for your restaurant guests you are also ensuring a brighter and better future for your business.