Best Ways To Raise Money For Your Honeymoon


After all of those months planning and scrimping for your wedding, there is nothing you need more than a vacation; your honeymoon to be exact. But what if the perfect wedding left nothing in the budget for your dream honeymoon? You’ll need a way to get some funds to kick off your lives together.

Save Before the Wedding

Of course, this is the ideal option. In a perfect world you would have had plenty of time to save money before the wedding and be prepared for your honeymoon. However, not everyone has that option. There can be time crunches and reasons to get married more immediately. If you don’t have the option of long term saving, just consider cutting corners on wedding expenses. You may not need a dozen roses at every table, you may not need to purchase chairs for the event, or a family member may have a perfect venue you can use free of cost. Try to cut down on all the ceremony costs allowing you to enjoy a perfect honeymoon to start your new lives together.

Money Dance

This is a traditional gift to married couples in some parts of the world; originating in Poland. Basically, as the bride and groom are dancing after being married, each person who would like a dance with one of them “pays” for the dance. In some cultures, this money is pinned onto the bride and groom’s clothes, but in others it may just be collected in a special basket. Originally it began with only men dancing briefly with the bride, but in modern culture the groom has been danced with by women as well. Depending on where you are raised and how open-minded your wedding guests are, this could be a tradition that allows you extra spending money for the dream vacation.


An online website created by a couple that imagined their perfect honeymoon, honeyfund is a way for your friends and families to gift you money for your trip. Couples simply have to set up a honeyfund and list where they are going, or what they would like to do, and send the link to their guests. Guests are then able to log on and send money to the couple for their desired destination. Many couples also use this site as a means of getting funds for the down payment on their house, or any large ticket items needed for their new home. Often friends and family will prefer to send money rather than spend time finding a perfect gift and purchasing it; this is an opportune way for them to send the gift before the ceremony and no longer have to worry about it.