Basics Of Workforce Development


Have you ever wondered, what are some of the most vital aspects of running a successful business? They are – an effective business strategy, investment and workforce. In this article we will discuss workforce development. There are numerous examples where a business failed even though it had an effective strategy and long time investment partners. Such businesses fail due to the lack of a good workforce. In this article we will discuss some essential aspects of workforce development so that you business can increase its productivity and maximize your revenues.

  • Understand what Type of Workforce you want:

It actually depends on the type of the service that your business provides. Apart from this almost every business requires skilled and semi-skilled workforce. Before recruiting you must also decide on the level of skill that you want in your employees. Actually to be technically correct, you must decide on the level of skill that your business needs and not what you want. For example, you can recruit highly trained and skilled workers but if your business has no use of them then it will only lead to losses in the form of high wages that you will be paying to these highly trained and skilled workers.

  • Provide Regular Training:

Over the time your workers will get comfortable with their jobs. It’s a good thing as well as a bad thing. It’s a good thing as your workers won’t complain but it’s a bad thing as this stagnation doesn’t allow them to increase their levels of expertise. As a business owner you must always make sure that your workforce is well trained according to the latest market needs. Training can prove to be a bit costly and since it’s going to be used for your business, you have to pay for it. But this expense will get diluted over the time as your business will generate more revenue with up to date and trained employees.

  • Make sure your Workforce is Happy and Willing to Work:

Keeping the workforce happy and willing to work is actually an implicit and integral part of workforce development. You can keep your employees happy by making sure that they are well paid and well appreciated for their work and role that they play in the running and development of your business. It also increases employee confidence and results in higher revenue generation. It doesn’t mean that you have to increase their perks, just make sure that they get what they deserve.

A Workforce Strategist for Central Iowa Works, Soneeta Mangra-Dutcher has been working in the field of adult education for more than 15 years. She has a passion for seeing adult learners succeed and has worked with nontraditional students, nonnative English speaking students, and Adult Literacy students. Central Iowa Works is an Iowa workforce development company that brings together workers and employers to create and implement pathways to career advancement.