Awesome Places To Host Your Kids’ Birthday Party


When it comes to celebrating the milestone of your children’s birthdays, it can be ideal to host the party at other locations besides your home. Not only will you have no mess to deal with, but you’ll be able to choose a venue that provides the entertainment kids love. The following places are high on kids’ approval lists. If you want to create a memorable birthday experience, considering choosing one of these places to host your child’s next birthday party. 

Inflatable Fun

If you’re searching for a birthday party place for girls and boys to enjoy, venues that feature inflatable offer uber fun and loads of activity for kids who crave non-stop fun. Kids can jump and run through inflatable arenas throughout the party, only breaking for treats and present time! This venue is also fun for parents who get to sit back and watch them burn off energy so that maybe, just maybe they’ll all fall asleep early. 

Local Nature Center or Forest Preserve

Hiking trails and picnicking in a forested area is a great way to celebrate a birthday for school age kids. Many nature centers feature animal exhibits and activities for groups to enjoy. This is often an affordable place to host a party too.

Tea Shop

If you want to throw a little girl’s birthday party, consider having it at an area tea shop. You can request each little lady to dress up in her high tea attire. The girls can enjoy a treat-filled party and possibly even make a craft–like decorating their own tea party hats. 

Ball Game Fun

If your son loves baseball, you can host a birthday party in the bleachers of your favorite Major League baseball team’s stadium. Kids can enjoy hotdogs and sodas while rooting on the home team to victory. You can even wind up the afternoon by driving the kids to a local field for their own ballgame. 

Pizza Party

Some pizza places will host special birthday parties and allow the kids to actually create their own personal pizzas. This fun activity provides kids with some cooking skills before they devour their tasty creations.

Factory Tour

Consider some of the industries where you live. You might live near a potato chip or candy factory that features special tours. Kids will enjoy the tour and learn something new at the same time. These tours are even fun for adults. According to, there are usually “free samples and goodie bags waiting at the end” of the tour, which always resonates well with kids.

The Zoo

Because kids can act pretty wild, they might as well celebrate a birthday along with the wild animals at the zoo. Most kids will jump at the opportunity to visit the zoo. It’s definitely a place that both girls and boys will enjoy


Consider these venues for hosting your child’s next birthday. Your child and their friends are sure to approve of each and every one. Talk to your child about selecting one from the list and making and exciting birthday plan.