A New Drug Gives Hope to People With Asthma


A new drug called Sarilumab seems to allow patients to move more freely while suffering less damage to the joints/ This new treatment only requires one injection every a couple of weeks and some experts already hailed it as an important breakthrough in slowing the escalation of arthritis, which is typically considered as an incurable disease. The trial took one year to complete and it involved 1200 people with rheumatoid arthritis. The new drug allegedly improved patients’ condition by about 20 percent. Often, people suffering from this condition could have irreversible joint damages, which eventually cause reduced physical functions. Consequently, both the medical community and patients are encouraged by these positive results.

In the United Kingdom alone, more than 700 thousand people are still suffering the symptoms of this chronic inflammatory disease, which slowly damages bone, cartilage and soft tissue. Sarilumab may provide hope for people who don’t respond appropriately to standard front-line treatments, such as the methotrexate.  The new drug targets a specific form of protein, known as the IL-6, the primary cause of painful inflammation. Painkillers could only temporarily deal with inflammation and pain, not the real cause behind it. The blockade of IL-6 is expected to become an essential form of therapeutic method for patients with rheumatoid arthritis,


High production of IL-6 protein is believed to be the cause of rheumatoid arthritis and it causes inflammation, tiredness and damages to tissue, cartilage, bones and joints. Sarilumab reduces these effects by blocking the action of IL-6 protein. It’s essentially the first drug based on human antibody that targets the IL-6 protein. Unfortunately, it could take another ten years before the drug is available for use following official approvals. The NRAS (National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society) has officially responded to this development, saying that the organization welcomes any positive advanced in medical treatments and methods for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. They hope that the drug could lead people with the condition a more productive and fuller life.

The Arthritis Research UK said that initial from the trial does look quite promising and Sarilumab could effectively reduce painful symptoms. But, it’s worth noting that the drug is still being developed and further studies need to be performed to come up with more valid conclusions. For the time being, patients can take advantage of multiple biological therapies provide for people suffering from inflammatory arthritis. It is also often necessary to take anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers to improve quality of life.