A Guide On Outdoor Knife

A Guide On Outdoor Knife


A knife not only saves your life in the wild, but can also cause you harm.  You just need to be careful when you are using one. Whenever you use a knife, it is common knowledge that the cut should be made away from your body. This not only does maximum damage to your target while minimizing any harm at your end.

A Guide On Outdoor Knife

Precautionary Warnings

The basics of using a knife include various things that one should keep in mind.

  • Always focus on your target, do not get distracted when using a sharp knife.
  • Avoid any slip ups, when using a knife.
  • Your firm must be strong on the knife, or you can hurt someone. Be careful when you are doing physical labor when u possess a knife.
  • Never leave a knife unshielded or lying around within the reach of children.
  • Don’t be a fool and try to catch a falling knife.
  • Fold a folding knife using one hand from the blunt side only.

Whenever you use a knife, or any other sharp object you have to be careful. Any momentary loss in your focus can be fatal. There are various distractions like cold, exhaustion, loud music, hunger, conversation, and fear. Whenever you are performing any activity involving a knife make sure you are up to it with full concentration. Otherwise, you can land up in an extremely dire situation.

Take extra care of your Outdoor knife. It is a very useful tool when you are in the wild. So, proper care should be taken of your knife. It should be kept with great care and avoid losing or damaging it. You don’t know when it might come in handy. Always keep it sharp and properly clean. Respect it and treat it like it is meant to be and it will return the favour.

Things to Avoid

Outdoor knives can undergo rigorous use as they are built for such purposes. They are durable and made for rough use in the wild. If using an outdoor knife of inferior quality, avoid being creative with them. These knives do not bend. So, if you are trying to pry open things you can damage them or even break them. Outdoor knives are not awls, If you use them to make holes or as something pointed you will damage its tip. Even though the blade is made up of stainless steel, avoid heating it unless necessary. Outdoor knives are not swords, sticking them into the ground damage their edge. Be careful while using them to enjoy its most use.

A Guide On Outdoor Knife

Right Way to Use

Always keep your outdoor knife dry, sharp and clean. Always use a dry piece of cloth to clean its edge. While sharpening an outdoor knife, be careful and sharpen it completely. Maintain its overall shape. It should not be unevenly sharpened, or it damages or weaken the knife. Fasten it to your belt or keep Luggage Online it away if not in use. While grabbing/unsheathing be careful do not break camp. Sheaths of an outdoor knife are made of materials that do not blunt the edges. Sheaths are used to avoid any corrosion of the blade that is why materials like plastic, cloth or leather are used.

When you fasten your knife to your waist, make sure it is sheathed. Also, keep in mind that it is reinforced and firmly attached to your body. This is done to protect yourself from getting wounds. Never throw your knife at anybody or anything. This way you can damage the blade or in worst case scenario lose it. The best place to keep your knife is to hang it on a lanyard.

Whenever you buy an outdoor knife, always consult someone who use them or is aware of their pros and cons of different companies.Compare various types of specimen available in the speciality store and choose one that best suits your need. Since, your knife is your companions in the wild it must be of the best quality so that you can depend on it in dire circumstances.