A Detailed Overview About Best VPS Hosting


Startups and small organizations look for an ideal hosting platform for a successful launch and growth in their online business. Web hosting services had started with the shared hosting and dedicated hosting platforms both of which were not suitable for these small businesses. They did not require the features and facilities of a dedicated server in addition to the high costs but also found the shared hosting platform a little restricted and crumpled for a smooth growth.  VPS server since its inception has grown in popularity among both small and large businesses. A shared platform can be suitable to start but it is not sufficient as the business grows. The web hosting companies are coming up with some of the best VPS hosting plans that are suitable to every kind of online business.

How is VPS different from shared and dedicated hosting?

The best VPS hosting features are to an extent midway between the shared and dedicated server.  In VPS hosting, a large physical server is virtually split into partitions and allotted to different clients. Like in a shared platform there are many users hosting on a server. The similarities end here. The VPS customers in the smaller portions enjoy the same benefits and resources that a dedicated server offers. The main difference here is there is only one customer enjoying the entire server resources in dedicated hosting. Since there are a number of users in VPS the costs are shared among them making it far more affordable than a dedicated server.


The best VPS hosting plans are available in both Windows and Linux operating systems. The customers using the Linux server get complete root access while the Windows server customers get administrative access to the infrastructure. The VPS packages are attractively priced and the host offers various plans with different features. Most of the plans come with unlimited email accounts, bandwidth, domains and monthly data transfers. They offer the Plesk control panel for Windows and cPanel for Linux users. Each user gets a dedicated IP address and mail server and with their own operating systems the clients are assured of a secure and private environment with no tensions from hackers and spammers.

Linux or Windows:

Though the operating system is not much of an issue, Linux servers are preferable for websites using either of the PHP, Perl, CGI and Python scripts and run on MySQL database. Linux is free and open source software and there is no license fee involved. Windows on the other hand is a Microsoft owned commercial framework and every product carries a fee. This makes Linux VPS hosting more affordable than Windows server.  Windows OS comes with the popular and easy to use GUI interface. Websites running on technologies like .NET, ASP, Microsoft Access, MSSQL etc need to use the Windows server.

Fully managed hosting:

Businesses that do not have technically qualified staff to manage and monitor the server and solve any issues will find the fully managed service as the best VPS hosting option. The host takes responsibility of monitoring the server, provides software updates, rebooting and reinstalling the set up and is also responsible for the security aspects to the data and the infrastructure.

Unmanaged or self managed:

Organizations that are technically competent will prefer the self managed service as the best VPS hosting option. It is more affordable than the fully managed service and an ideal option for businesses looking for cheap and reliable hosting. The host only extends support to any technical issues to the hardware and rests of services are managed by the client.

There are considerable benefits that every organization   gets from the best VPS hosting company. The clients can install any suitable software for their business though the host generally puts restrictions on pornographic or pirated content and many more that are illegal and banned. Since the client is hosted on an independent server they have the liberty to reboot the server any number of times. It will not hamper the performance of the other businesses sharing the server.

The other major feature of the best VPS hosting plans is the flexibility they offer. They can start on a low platform and keep adding resources as they grow and making it more cost effective as they need not waste buying resources they do not require.