6 Conditions You Can Treat With Acupuncture


Acupuncture, as well as other forms of Chinese medicine, have proven to be effective when it comes to treating several health conditions. While most people in the Western world see acupuncture as a last resort when it comes to medical treatment, more people are now finding that acupuncture can provide healing and relief when more conventional treatments were unable to do so. This is why it’s also ideal for many people to use acupuncture as a preventative measure.

An acupuncturist will take a detailed look at a patient’s condition to determine just how feasible it is to perform an acupuncture procedure. Here are some of the ailments that can be treated with regular acupuncture sessions.

Pain Conditions

Conditions like back pain, shoulder and knee pain, and pain in the hands and feet can be managed with acupuncture. Whether patients have pain-related conditions due to arthritis (which causes stiffness of the joints), have sustained a sports injury or have recently been in an automobile accident, this form of Eastern medicine can help to improve circulation an decrease inflammation.

6 Conditions You Can Treat With Acupuncture

Gastrointestinal Conditions

Individuals who have trouble digesting their food or have pain and discomfort associated with food intolerances will likely benefit from acupuncture. The procedure is ideal for conditions like Crohn’s disease. The Acufinder.com website also asserts that patients should use acupuncture for hemorrhoids, ulcers, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Conditions of the Ears, Nose and Throat

During cold and flu season, it’s wise to make a series of acupuncture appointments to help relieve clog nasal passages and treat sinusitis. Acupuncture also cures the uncomfortable symptoms of the flu, such as dizziness and sore throat. People who suffer from conditions that affect their sense of balance, such as poor eyesight and dizziness or vertigo, can also benefit greatly from acupuncture. One condition in particular that acupuncture treats is the degenerative eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. Chinese practitioners have used acupuncture to treat night blindness, the major symptom of RP, for centuries.


Since acupuncture calms the nervous system and helps to deliver the right amount of blood and oxygen to the internal organs, the treatment is ideal for those who suffer from addictions. Margot Gersh of Malibu’s Promises Rehab states that acupuncture is very effective in treating addiction because it helps to provide daily balance for the recovering addict and helps to get the body to an ideal temperature, which leads to better health.

Psychological Conditions

Psychological disorders like depression and anxiety, as well as stress and insomnia, can also be a thing of the past for many people due to acupuncture. The procedure helps to calm the nervous system, and releases toxins from the liver, the organ that is believed to hang on to anger and frustration, according to Eastern medicine.

While acupuncture does tend to work well for most patients who try it, it’s important to realize that every situation is unique to the individual. Patients should talk in detail to their acupuncturist about their health goals and points of pain to determine which aspects of acupuncture are best for their particular health condition.

Information Source: Wellspring Clinic For Holistic Medicine