5 Ways To Improve Your Self Esteem On Mat

5 Ways To Improve Your Self Esteem On Mat


It will be a waste of time if i’ll discuss about the issues and problems due to which we wouldn’t able to build confidence in us on mat. Instead i’m directly going to talk about the ways through which we can improvise and perform better on ground.

Your mindset matters the most whenever you are on a mat for a big event or a fight. There are few type of mind exercise which wrestler do to improve their self esteem.

Without exaggerating further, let’s just discuss the ways through which you can develop a strong self esteem in yourself :-

1.Think about all the achievements of yours:Confidence is all about boosting inner self and building strong image of ourselves in mind, while on fighting ground. So start focusing on all the success you have achieved in fights, training etc. This will give your mind a peace and relaxation which will be needed for the match.

2.Display confident body structure :Find out what confident body language looks like. Everyone has its own style and way of possessing confident through body posture. Use that body language before or during the match. It will not just give you confident but also make other player little hesitate.

3.Imagine and visualize :Try to imagine the whole scenario of match in which you are winning. Apart from winning, visualize the entire match and every aspect of it, way before the actual situation. It will help you to overcome the fears as well as will make your execution much better in ring.

4.Make a small goal for each day:This will not just help in wrestling but in every situation of life. Build small goals that you can achieve every day. When you keep doing this on a regular basis and start achieving those, your confidence definitely get increased.

5.Watch tapes of your previous successful matches :Make this a frequent mind exercise of your routine as this will going to help you alot in improving self esteem. Watch carefully all the techniques and domination you displayed in the matches. This will not just build confidence in you but also prepare you for the upcoming matches strongly.

6.Note your qualities :A wrestlers should have strong attitude which needs to be maintained by them in ring atleast to make competitor nervous. Make a list of all of your qualities that will remain in your mind throughout the fight. This is going to boost your confidence to some other level which will help you to succeed.

It doesn’t matter in which profession you are, everyone has to work on their inner self to achieve the goals. Training is also the other aspect of every profession. Being a wrestler a person should have a winning mindset in order to overcome all the fears and barriers of mind. The way you dress up is also very crucial through which a confidence is built within yourself . wear what makes you feel better as now you have option to go for a blank shorts and even customizable gear of your choice.